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Toilet Paper Roll Crafts and Paper Towel Roll Crafts for Kids

Learn how to make your own toilet paper roll crafts.These are simple toilet paper tube crafts that only require a few supplies and are a great way to get kids involved in making recycled projects. 

My favorite crafts to do with my kids are the ones that require the least amount of supplies, likes these paper roll crafts! I say toilet paper roll crafts, but I’ve got a few paper towel roll crafts to show you too. 

I started saving our toilet paper roll tubes and paper towel rolls a while ago because my kids like to use them as “swords and bracelets.” I thought it was a good way to repurpose them and get a little crafty without spending any money (not to mention keeping the kids busy). 

Easy Toilet paper roll crafts and paper towel roll crafts

DIY Confetti cannon from a toilet paper roll tube

This is a fun and interactive toilet paper roll craft! It’s great for younger kids but does requires some adult supervision. Check out how we took an old toilet paper roll tube and made a few DIY confetti poppers for New Years. Side note; this confetti popper can be used for any holiday or any occasion not just for New Years. With a decorated toilet paper tube, a balloon and some confetti, celebrate any holiday with these DIY confetti poppers!

confetti popper from a toilet paper tube

This was so easy to make and the sky is the limit as far as how you and your littles can decorate it. I used tissue paper to wrap the tubes and some simple ribbon to glue on the ends.

confetti popper from a toilet paper roll tube

Kids are always excited to see something explode right?

If you want to see the whole DIY Confetti cannon from a toilet roll craft, check out my post and a the video too!

DIY paper towel roll rainstick craft 

The second fun craft I want to show you involves a repurposed paper towel roll tube. I was super excited when I realized that I could create this DIY paper towel roll rainstick craft with items I already had on hand!

DIY rainstick craft from a paper towel tube

This is a great kids sensory craft because it involves using the sense of hearing! By the way, it really does sound like rain. My daughter enjoyed knowing that she could create her own DIY instrument! 

Check out my quick YouTube video on how to make a rainstick from a paper towel tube

This is a fabulous rainy day craft for kids; no pun intended. Ok, pun intended, LOL. 

How to make a fun Mardi bracelet from a toilet paper roll tube

This next toilet paper roll craft is the easiest one of all of them (and a great craft for younger kiddos). Let me show you the easy way to make your own DIY bracelet from a toilet paper roll tube.

toilet paper roll bracelet

When I say this is easy, I mean it’s super easy. All you have to do is make one straight cut on the toilet paper roll and BAM, you have your own DIY cuff bracelet.

DIY cuff bracelet from toilet paper roll tube

Like I said, this is a great craft for younger kids because it visualizes how you can make something out of a repurposed household item. 

You can create these DIY cuff bracelets for any occasion. I could see a little girls birthday party where everyone can create and decorate their own!

Toilet paper roll wind chimes

This is an easy toilet paper tube craft for younger and older kids too. Because it only requires a few materials, this would be a great craft for a large group. Using scissors to cut the wind chimes and pulling string through the small punch holes helps with fine motor skills. For added dimension, consider using empty toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls for different lengths. 

Don’t forget to check out the instructional video on how to make toilet paper tube wind chimes.

DIY toilet paper roll spiders

This is one of my favorite crafts to make with tp rolls. With just a little paint, googly eyes and felt, you can create these cute critters and display them around the Halloween season. These Halloween toilet paper roll crafts are fun especially for kids to take home and display. 

toilet paper roll spiders

This is a great Halloween craft for elementary aged kids because it only requires a few simple supplies and it’s a fun way to ring in the spooky season. 

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

This is a great craft for nature lovers or young kids who want to put their coloring skills to use! All it involves is three toilet paper tubes and a little creativity. You can always wrap the tubes with construction paper if you choose not to color the rolls. 

toilet paper roll binoculars

See the full DIY binocular video here. 

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamp

Learn how to create a toilet paper roll heart stamp, perfect for Valentine’s Day. This cute craft is the perfect way for toddlers to decorate their own Valentine’s Day cards. 

DIY toilet paper roll heart stamp

Toilet Paper roll firework Stamp- 4th of July Craft for Kids

Speaking of toilet paper roll stamps, check out this cute 4th of July firework stamp from a toilet paper roll. Grab a few rolls, some scissors and paint and let’s have much fun creating firework art on paper! You can be creative and choose different colors of acrylic paint for this project. This is a creative craft that allows your child to create their fireworks however they want! 

toilet paper roll firework stamp

Perfect for toddlers around the 4th of July!

Leprechaun Toilet Paper roll for an easy St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Speaking of cute toilet paper roll crafts, check out how to make this adorable Leprechaun craft with a toilet paper roll for an easy St. Patrick’s Day craft. This Leprechaun craft is great for kids of all ages too!

Leprechaun toilet paper roll craft

The sky is the limit as far as how detailed you want to make your leprechaun! Isn’t he cute?

Toilet Paper Roll Penguin 

Learn how to make this toilet paper roll Penguin for an easy Winter craft for kids. This is such a simple and thrifty kid craft. 

Toilet Paper Roll Penguin; Easy Winter Craft for Kids

Also check out my penguin craft with a free printable template here. 

Bumblebee Craft for Kids with a Toilet Paper Roll Tube

Learn how to make this cute Bumblebee craft for kids with a toilet paper roll tube. This is a great spring craft and the best part is that you can also teach children to learn about Bees and pollination while doing the craft. Grab some empty cardboard tubes, construction paper, markers, pipe cleaners (optional) and googly eyes and let’s get to buzzing around. 

bee craft for kids

Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

I’ve got loads of fun toilet paper roll crafts for Christmas!

Advent Calendar Christmas Tree from a Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Roll

Advent calendars always make the countdown to Christmas way more fun, whether you’re a kid or all grown up. Check out this easy peasy Advent calendar below. 

Toilet Paper Roll Santa Claus

This fun Santa Claus craft is easy to make and teaches kids to use recycled materials. Young children love coloring or wrapping colored paper around the tube and using cotton balls or pom poms for Santa’s beard! 

toilet paper roll Santa Claus

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

Snowman crafts are a right of passage for kids right? Check out this easy toilet paper roll snowman. Make this a yearly holiday craft tradition!

toilet paper roll snowman

I’ve also rounded up a handful of other toilet paper roll Christmas crafts with great ideas here. 

Which toilet paper roll craft would your little hands love to create? 

I plan to add to this list as I create more paper towel and toilet paper tube crafts and fun projects. 

toilet paper roll crafts and paper towel roll crafts

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