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Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Kids Craft for 4th of July

Learn how to make these easy toilet paper roll fireworks with just a piece of paper, a toilet paper roll and paint.

Celebrating 4th of July with toilet paper roll fireworks is such an easy and economic way to keep your kids busy this Independence Day. This kid craft requires very few materials and is incredibly easy to do! You could even try making these toilet paper roll firework paintings while watching fireworks from the comfort of your own backyard. 

You know I’m a huge fan of toilet paper roll crafts. They help repurpose otherwise unused waste and teach kids to be creative with supplies you already have on hand! This 4th of July craft is no different.

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Toilet paper roll fireworks kids craft

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What you will need to make toilet paper roll fireworks:

toilet paper roll fireworks supplies

How to make toilet paper roll fireworks for 4th of July

Step 1:

Take the toilet paper roll, and using the scissors, cut straight up from one of the edges. When you reach around the middle of the roll (lengthwise), stop cutting. 

cutting toilet paper roll for 4th July craft

For some additional variation, take multiple toilet paper rolls and make the cuts of each roll a different height. This will create smaller and larger fireworks. 

Step 2: 

Repeat the process in step 1 to make another cut beside the previous one. Continue doing this until there are parallel cuts all around the toilet paper roll that stop at the same height. 

toilet paper roll 4th July Craft


The gaps between the cuts depend on what kind of fireworks print you want but the smaller the gaps are, the more it will look like fireworks. Try cutting different toilet paper rolls with different width of the strips to test out which look you like better. 

Step 3:

In a plate or a Tupperware container, make a mixture of paint and water. Ensure that the paint mixture is thick and not too watery. 

You could use multiple containers to create different colored paint mixtures. 

Step 4:

Take the toilet paper roll that was previously cut and spread the strips by slightly pressing the paper roll with the cut portion at the bottom. 

Step 5:

Dip the spread-out toilet paper roll onto any of the colored mixtures and then onto the blank pieces of paper. 

dipping toilet paper roll in paint for fireworks craft

If you want a more organic look, use the toilet paper roll to stamp around the same place repeatedly. For a more defined look, stamp only once on the same place and make sure to press hard onto the strips so that the color transfers properly. Or just try a mixture of both methods for fun!

making toilet paper roll fireworks

Another way to brighten this fireworks artwork is by using different colors with similarly cut toilet paper rolls and stamping around the same place. This creates a burst of colors from the same ‘firework’ and will add an extra dimension to it. 

toilet paper roll fireworks

While these techniques will absolutely create different effects, there are obviously no rules to this! Create a couple of “stamps” from the toilet paper rolls (various strip width and height) and prepare mixtures of different colors and just let your imagination guide you. Whether the fireworks will all be the same color or a combination of them is entirely up to whoever makes it. The simple dip-and-press method makes it a super fun and easy activity for the kids. Help them cut the toilet paper rolls and just watch them create their own unique fireworks paintings.

toilet paper roll fireworks 4th July Craft
toilet paper roll fireworks

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Don’t ever feel like you have to buy lots of supplies to keep your kids busy with crafts! With a little creativity, even something as simple as a toilet paper roll can create beautiful artwork.

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Happy crafting!

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