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How to Make a Snowman in Minecraft

Learn how to make a snowman in Minecraft with this super simple tutorial.

Both of my kids have started playing Minecraft this year. Minecraft is one of the only video games I’m actually not against them playing because I feel like there is a good level of creativity to it. After all, it’s like building virtual blocks!

Snowman crafts are on my mind these days as I’m creating content for them. I did not, however, intend to create a post about Minecraft. I figured it might be an easy read for kids if they are searching for the answer. After all, some of those gaming tech sites are hard to follow (for the non gamer like myself).

In this simple tutorial, I’m going to share (or my son will share) how to create a simple snowman.

How to Make a Snowman in Minecraft

  1. Click on the snow blocks and put two on top of each other
  2. Next click on the jack o lantern or pumpkin and put it on top of the two snow blocks
  3. Click on the “shear” and then click on the jack o lantern to turn it into a snowman face

You can see below where we have added the two snow blocks on top of each other.

adding two snow blocks on top of each other in Minecraft

Second you put a jack o lantern (or pumpkin) on the top of the snow blocks. This is otherwise known as a snow golem.

What is a snow golem?

Minecraft Wiki says that “a snow golem is a snowman-like utility mob that helps defend against hostile and neutral mobs.”

adding a Jack O Lantern on top of snow blocks in Minecraft

That jack o lantern is pretty creepy looking! You can also place a regular pumpkin (non carved) on top of the snow blocks to create a snowman.

 snow golem in Minecraft

Below you can see where we used a shear to make the jack o lantern face turn to a snowman face.

snowman in Minecraft

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What does a Snowman do in Minecraft?

As they walk they leave snow trails, but only in the biomes of Taiga, Tundra, and Extreme Hills. When they die they drop snowballs.

That’s it folks! Now you have a happy snowman in Minecraft!

how to make a snowman in Minecraft

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