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Bumblebee Craft for Kids with a Toilet Paper Roll Tube

Learn how to make this cute Bumblebee craft for kids with a toilet paper roll tube. This easy bee craft is a great spring craft that can also inspire children to learn about Bees and pollination.

With spring just around the corner, including the abundance of flower crafts, a cardboard tube bee craft for kids fits right in! This might also be a fascinating way to teach the kids about pollination! Or it can also be used as a fun toy to both make and play with. Either way toilet paper crafts are always fun.

Whether the little ones use these as small puppets or just leave them around the plants with flowers, this cardboard tube bee craft is definitely worth a try. 

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Supplies for Bee arts and crafts project

supplies for Bee craft

Bumblebee Craft for kids with a toilet paper roll tube

Step 1:

Take the thin yellow paper and cut out a rectangle that has a width equal to the height of the paper tube. Wrap the cardboard tube with this piece of yellow paper and glue it in place. 

It is absolutely fine if the paper forms a few wrinkles while pasting, this is what makes each of these unique. 

If you are not a fan of measuring the paper, cutting it out and then pasting it, a simpler option could be to paint the tube using yellow paint. 

toilet paper tube with yellow construction paper

Step 2:

Using the black marker, draw horizontal “stripes” around the now yellow cardboard tube. Draw about 4 to 6 stripes, leaving large gaps between each of them. 

drawing lines to make Bee on toilet paper tube

Step 3:

From the yellow cardstock paper cut out an egg-shaped piece that is about the size of the top of the tube. This will be the face of the bee. 

Bee face out of construction paper

Step 4:

Paste the googly eyes onto this small yellow piece and draw an adorable little smile using the black marker.

making Bee face with googly eyes

Step 5:

Use glue to stick the “face” of the bee onto the top of the prepared cardboard tube. 

Step 6:

From the black cardstock paper cut out two “antennas”. These could be as curved or as straight as you like. And if you are feeling extra creative you could go ahead and use anything similar, like pipe cleaners.

Bee Antenna with construction paper

Step 7:

Paste the antennas behind the face of the bee on the inside of the cardboard tube. Since these pieces are thinner make sure they are secured well with glue to prevent any chances of them coming off.

Bee craft from Toilet paper roll

Step 8:

Use the white cardstock paper to cut out two petal-shaped pieces that will act as the wings. 

making Bee wings out of construction paper

Step 9:

Once you have cut them out, glue them to the back of the cardboard tube. Make sure the pointed ends are overlapping so that they stay more secure. 

Bee craft toilet paper roll

And that is it, now you have a little bee friend to keep you company!

With so few and easy steps why would anyone not give this a try? Feel free to put your own spin during any of these steps, like making the stripes wavy or even adding glitter. What matters the most is that everyone enjoys the process and time is well spent making this.  

Toilet paper roll tube Bee Craft

Bee craft from toilet paper roll tube

Isn’t it cute? It turned out a lot better than I originally expected it would.

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Happy Crafting friends!