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Advent Calendar Christmas Tree from a Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Roll

Learn how to make a fun toilet paper roll Advent Calendar Christmas tree

Advent calendars always make the countdown to Christmas way more fun, whether you’re a kid or all grown up. I mean, who doesn’t like receiving gifts everyday right? But sometimes store-bought advent calendars don’t really turn out that great and end up a little disappointing. As an alternative try making your own Christmas advent calendar! Not only will it be customizable and a fun activity for your entire family, but it can be made with things you already have at home like a paper towel roll.

Advent calendars create a fun element of surprise for kids don’t they? Last year I created a fun advent calendar punch box, but this year I wanted to do something similar but a little more simple. You can see all sorts of advent calendar ideas in this post. Or if you simply want to purchase an Advent Calendar, check out a few of the best calendars here. Also check out this fun free printable Christmas Countdown calendar too!

advent calendar surprise punch box
Advent calendars for kids
DIY advent calendars

Save those tp rolls because y’all know I’m all about simple toilet paper and paper towel roll crafts!

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Materials to make a Christmas tree advent calendar from a toilet paper or paper towel roll

How to make a toilet paper roll Christmas tree

Step 1: 

Gather 8 toilet paper/ paper towel rolls and cut them into 3 smaller tubes. Once you’ve cut all the paper rolls, arrange them to make sure the cuts are aligned.

toilet paper rolls cut for advent calendar

Step 2:

Arrange them onto the cardboard to form a triangular shape that could resemble a Christmas tree.

toilet paper rolls arranged in a Christmas tree

Step 3:

Draw the Christmas tree on the cardboard making sure all the rolls can fit inside.  Cut out the cardboard into this shape. 

template for Christmas tree

Step 4:

Paint the tubes any color you want. We went for something more festive and painted them different shades of green. It’s not necessary to paint the inside since you won’t be able to see them anyways.

painted toilet paper tubes

Step 5:

After the paint has dried, put glue on the sides and cover the top of the tubes with crinkle or tissue paper.

toilet paper tubes covered in tissue paper

Step 6:

Do the previous step for all the tubes making sure the crinkle or tissue paper does not go beyond the length of the tube.

Step 7:

Once all the tubes have been covered, turn all the tubes upside down and arrange them in the shape you had set. Tape the sides that touch each other together. 

taping toilet paper tubes together
taped toilet paper tubes in the shape of a Christmas tree

Step 8:

Now come the most exciting part! The treats! Choose which treat to put into which tube, making sure they’re able to fit inside. 

advent calendar from toilet paper tubes with treats inside

Step 9:

Once all the treats have been places, put glue onto the bottom of the rolls in position and place the cut cardboard on top.

top of advent calendar

Step 10:

Cut out small triangles out of red paper and write down the number 1 to 25. You could also print these if you want a more polished look. Paste these on each of the covered tubes. We put 25 at the top and 1 at the bottom but you could also arrange them irregularly to create a more playful look.

advent calendar numbers

Step 11:

Add any other decorations to make it look as festive as you’d like! We tied the tree with ribbons and placed some pompoms on the top. 

ribbon holding the advent calendar Christmas tree together

You could also attach a painted or decorated popsicle stick to tear through the crinkle paper.

there you have it! Your very own customized Christmas tree advent calendar from a toilet paper roll.

Advent Calendar Christmas tree from paper towel or toilet paper rolls

Have fun putting together all the different treats and making this with the entire family. Try making different ones for each members of the family or just one large one that everyone could enjoy together! 

toilet paper advent calendar

Happy holiday Crafting!

C Boff

Thursday 18th of November 2021

Thank you for this idea! I made one for my (elderly) parents, and included a note and a couple of treats for each of them. I used 24 whole tubes so I could include larger treats! -C. Boff


Thursday 18th of November 2021

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

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