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Toilet Paper Roll Santa Claus for an Easy Christmas Craft

Learn how to make a toilet paper roll Santa Claus for an easy Christmas craft that only requires a few supplies!

Christmas crafts are always fun to make with the kids. Not only do they make for a festive way to spend the time, but the finished item could also work as a cute décor piece. Toilet paper rolls are something we always have laying around so here is a way to make a toilet paper roll craft with it. To make this Santa Claus craft, here is what you’ll need: 

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toilet paper roll Santa supplies

How to make a toilet paper roll Santa Claus Craft

Step 1:

Cut a 2-inch-wide rectangular strip from the cream-colored paper. Make sure the length of the strip is long enough to wrap the paper roll completely. 

strip of paper

Step 2:

Cover the roll with this strip, making sure to start from the top, and glue it together.

toilet paper roll Santa Claus end piece

Step 3:

To make Santa’s suit cut another strip from the red textured paper. The length should be the same as the previous strip but this time make sure that the width is wide enough to cover the remaining part of the paper roll. 

Step 4:

Cover the bottom part of the paper roll with the red strip and stick it in place with glue.

toilet paper roll Santa Claus suit with red paper

Step 5:

Take two or three cotton balls and spread the fibers a little to make them seem fluffy and give them a cloud like effect. Once you’re happy with the texture, glue these around the skin-colored paper on the paper roll to form a beard like shape. 

toilet paper roll Santa Claus beard with cotton balls

This part might get a little messy so make sure to use very little glue at a time. 

Speaking of Santa’s beard, check out this Santa Beard Cutting Practice post that’s a great fine motor skills activity for December!

Step 6:

Glue googly eyes onto the cream paper, onto the space between the beard. This toilet paper Santa Claus craft is coming together!

toilet paper roll Santa Claus googly eyes

Step 7: 

Cut a thin strip from the black felt paper and wrap it on top of the red paper, just above where the beard ends. This becomes Santa’s belt!

toilet paper tube Santa Claus belt

Step 8:

For the hat, cut a semicircle from the red paper. Then cut off a pie-shaped portion from it to form a fan like shape. Glue the two straight edges of this fan shape together to form a cone. 

toilet paper roll Santa Claus with black belt
red paper in a fan shape
red paper rolled to look like Santas hat

Step 9:

Glue the open end of the cone to the top edge of the toilet paper roll. Once dried, glue a cotton ball to the closed end of the cone. 

Step 10: 

Cut a small triangle shape from either the red or the skin colored plain paper and fold it in half. Glue the edges to the part in between the eyes, to form the nose. 

red paper cut and formed to look like Santas nose

You could also try adding other decorations like buttons or beads to the suit and belt!

Thats it for an easy Santa Claus toy made out of a toilet paper roll. Kids can play with this or parents can even use this as festive décor. Since the materials can easily be found around the house, this craft also makes for a great impromptu activity when the little ones are bored.

Toilet Paper Roll Santa Claus

toilet paper roll Santa Claus

Isn’t he cute?

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Happy Holiday Crafting!

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