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Make Your Own Hatchimal Necklace with CollEGGtible Hatchimals

Learn how to make a Hatchimal necklace with a thin string and a few of your favorite mini Hatchimals. The Collegtible Hatchimals make great necklaces!

My little girl loves Hatchimals. They are great to play with, but even more fun to make necklaces with! You know those little holes in the top of almost all collEGGtible Hatchimals? You can take a really thin strand of string and create your own Hatchimal necklace with them!

make your own collEGGtible Hatchimal necklace

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What is a Colleggtible hatchimal?

CollEGGtible Hatchimals are small figurines that come packaged in breakable eggs that you rub and press gently to crack.

They are super cute and come in tons of different styles and colors. My daughter loves to collect them.

Side note; the Colleggtible Hatchimals are easily confused with Shopkins. Let me show you.

hatchimals and shopkins

Before my daughter showed me the difference I thought they were the same type of toy too.

hatchimals and shopkins

One main difference is that the Hatchimals come with a hole in the top while the Shopkins don’t. Also, the Shopkins are made to look like food packages while the Hatchimals are cute animals.

At first glance at the picture below they all look like Hatchimals don’t they? If you look hard enough you will see that there are Shopkins mixed in.

pink hatchimals and shopkins

This crazy idea came to me while my daughter was playing with her Hatchimals with playdough. I love how easy it is to use these little figurines in all areas of her room. She plays with them in her Barbie playhouse and she uses them as “babies” for her LOL dolls. Oh the possibilities!

hatchimals in playdough

Every day she has a new way to play with these tiny figures and today I want to share a fun and creative for how to store or display them.

As I was playing around I noticed a hole on top of most of the Hatchimal collEGGtible heads. Could I thread a little string through the hole and create a necklace? YES!

I almost didn’t make a post about this it’s so simple, but I wanted to share the cute necklace we made!

How to make a Hatchimal CollEGGtible necklace

  1. Gather a handful of Hatchimal collEGGtibles
  2. Cut a long strand of thin string
  3. Start to string the Hatchimals together
  4. Tie a knot at one end and then tie both sides of the strings together to make a necklace
hole in collEGGtible hatchimal

You can see where I’m threading a thin string through the top of the hole in the small figures.

Hatchimal necklace

Look how easy it was! Now to add more…

Stringing a collEGGtible Hatchimal

At the end of the string tie a knot so the Hatchimals don’t come off.

Hatchimal necklace

Then continue to string the figures!

Stringing a collEGGtible Hatchimal necklace
Hatchimals on a string

This would be a great way to store them in a little girls room (also a great way to keep track of these tiny little toys). Speaking of toy storage, you can see how I previously stored them in a repurposed animal cracker bear jug.

animal cracker bear jug repurposed for toy storage

Or you could always wear them proudly like my daughter is doing! LOL, she loves those things.

Hatchimal necklace

Or you could always display them on the wall somewhere like the picture below.

Hatchimals on a string

You can even download these free Hatchimal coloring pages and color them!

hatchimals coloring pages

How easy was that? What creative things have you done with your collEGGtible Hatchimals? Seriously, I want to know!

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