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Halloween Quiz for Kids; Free Printable Halloween Quiz

Check out this fun Halloween quiz for kids with a free Halloween quiz printable.

Halloween is the beginning of the best time of year for most kids; the holiday season. This comes with presents and candy and family time not to mention school parties and all the fun things that come with this season.

Speaking of holiday parties, what could be better than a fun free printable with a Halloween quiz for those parties?

  1. How much did Americans spend on Halloween in 2019? 2.6 Billion
  2. Why are black cats associated with Halloween? The Puritans associated them with witchcraft and bad luck
  3. Why did people start dressing up for Halloween? Many people dressed in costumes to get rid of spirits that they believed came back to Earth on what we now know as Halloween.
  4. What were the first fun sized candy bars? Snickers and Milky Way
  5. What is the most popular candy for Halloween? Skittles
  6. What was first used to make Jack O’Lanterns? Turnips and other root vegetables
  7. What animals are most commonly associated with witches? Cats
  8. Most Spiders have eight legs and eight of what other body part? eyes
  9. True or False; Dracula is a Goblin? False, Dracula is a Vampire
  10. Where is Day of the Dead celebrated? Mexico
  11. Is a Pumpkin a fruit or vegetable? Fruit
  12. What are Vampires scared of? Wooden Stakes
  13. What was the name of the green monster in Ghostbusters? Slimer
  14. Where Country Halloween come from? Ireland
  15. What fruit do you bob for on Halloween? Apples
  16. Where is Transylvania located? Romania
  17. When does an infected person turn into a werewolf? At the next full moon
  18. What animal does Dracula transform into? A bat
  19. What food or spice scares a Vampire? Garlic
  20. What are the names of the three Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus? Winifred, Sarah and Mary

Free Printable Halloween Quiz for kids

Download the Free Halloween printable quiz here.

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