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Awesome and Engaging Acorn Activities for Toddlers

Acorns are an unlikely object for creative play, don’t you think? Actually, if you think more about it they are an awesome educational object to teach about nature. Activities involving natural materials like acorns offer a lot of opportunities for little ones to explore, learn, and grow. They can also be very versatile for crafting and learning activities. They can help toddlers develop their fine motor skills, expand their vocabulary, and understand basic concepts in nature. Check out a handful of awesome and engaging acorn activities for toddlers.

acorn activities for toddlers

Collecting acorns during a stroll in the park can turn into an educational adventure, laying the groundwork for various indoor activities. These can range from simple sorting games to more complex crafts that stimulate a toddler’s imagination. Let me show you a handful of ways to use nature in a fun way with sensory play. Don’t forget to take nature hikes to gather all the acorns first!

Disclosure; Because small objects and toddlers normally shouldn’t mix, always make sure there is plenty of adult supervision while partaking in any of these activities. 

​First we need to learn a little about acorns.

What are acorns?

Acorns are the nuts of oak trees, typically enclosed in a tough, leathery shell. They are an important food source for wildlife and have been used by humans for centuries as a food source as well. Acorns are typically small, oval-shaped nuts with a pointed end (acorn cap). The color and size of acorns can vary depending on the species of oak tree. 

Did you know that most Oak trees don’t product acorns until they are at least 20 years old and reach their peak production between 50 and 80 years old? 

​Next time you see an abundance of perfect acorns, know that it came from an older Oak Tree! 

Acorn Discovery and Play

Check out some of these awesome ideas to use little acorns in different ways. Most of these crafts can be used as fall activities too. 

Sensory Exploration with Acorns

Toddlers love to learn with their hands, and acorns offer a perfect opportunity for this. 

Parents and educators can set up a sensory bin in preschool classrooms filled with acorns for an easy craft. 

Children can scoop, pour, and sort acorns, feeling their smooth surfaces and bumpy caps. Also consider adding a few elements below:

  • Spoons and cups for transferring acorns
  • Soft fabrics or foam for a textural contrast
  • Magnifying glasses for close-up inspection

For a fun twist, paint the acorns or acorn tops different colors, making sure to use non-toxic paint, to introduce color recognition into the mix. 

Creative Arts and Acorn Crafts

Acorns can also be the base for various art projects:

  1. Acorn Painting:
    • Dip the bottom of the acorn in paint
    • Roll or stamp it onto paper to create patterns
  2. Acorn Characters:
    • Glue on googly eyes
    • Use felt for tiny clothes and hats to make little buddies

Learning Through Acorn Activities

Acorn activities can offer young kids both a fun and educational experience. Through simple games, they develop their mathematical skills and learn basic scientific concepts.

Counting and Sorting with Acorns

Toddlers can improve their counting abilities by using acorn numbers!

First, parents can ask them to count the acorns in a pile. Then, they can categorize the acorns by size, shape, or color, enhancing their sorting skills.

  • Counting: Ask the child to count the acorns one by one.
  • Sorting: Create groups based on characteristics like:
    • Size: Small, medium, large
    • Color: Dark brown, light brown
    • Shape: Round, oblong

You can even draw numbers on the real acorns and use them for higher level math for older children. 

Acorn Science Experiments

Acorns provide a natural way to explore scientific concepts. Parents can conduct simple experiments to teach children about growth and buoyancy.

  • Growth Experiment: Plant acorns in soil and water them to observe germination.
    • Materials Needed: Pot, soil, water, acorns
    • Process: Place acorns in soil, water regularly, and watch for sprouts.
  • Buoyancy Test: Test if acorns float or sink in water.
    • Materials Needed: Bowl, water, acorns
    • Observation: Identify and discuss why some acorns might float or sink.

Let me show you some more easy acorn crafts for little ones. Below you will find easy acorn activities that create so much fun and are a great idea for a fun fall craft. Grab your kiddos and visit a local park or your own backyard to gather up a few supplies (including an abundance of acorns) and let’s get started. From a paper acorn craft to a a acorn alphabet matching game, I hope you find a few adorable acorn crafts for your toddlers. 

Acorn Activities for Toddlers

Acorn Activities for Toddlers

Check out these awesome Acorn Activities for Toddlers that will keep your little one busy. These fun acorn crafts can also be great teaching opportunities.