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Counting Fun: Creative Number Crafts for Toddlers

Discover engaging and educational number crafts for toddlers that make learning fun. These math activities are sure to entertain and teach too.

Engaging toddlers in number crafts is a fantastic way to give them early math skills. It also fosters their creativity and number sense.  For instance, creating a number collage with stickers or stamps allows toddlers hands on experience with numbers. Using colorful materials can make the experience more enjoyable and memorable and also aid with their fine motor skills. 

Math activities and math games also offer a great way for parents and caregivers to bond with their young children. Working together on projects like making number flashcards or assembling a counting book can be a fun way to create meaningful moments. Check out a handful of these fun number activities for your toddler.

number crafts for toddlers

Number Crafts for Toddlers

Sticker Counting Sticks in Preschool

This cute craft stick craft is all about One-to-One Correspondence. This is the knowledge that a certain number relates to a specific quantity of objects which helps young children gain confidence with number recognition.

DIY Tactile Counting with Craft Sticks

This is another counting craft with craft sticks. It’s a great way to create a fun number game for younger kids. All you do is number each craft stick, add a few blobs of glitter glue along the craft stick for each number and let dry! Younger kids have so much fun with it. 

DIY Number Rocks For Teaching Core Math Skills

We are all about rock crafts here at Crafting with Kids. Combine an exciting rock craft with a counting game and you have double the fun! This post shares a handful of fun learning games you can make and do with rocks. 

How to Make a Counting Carrots Sensory Bin for Easter

Counting activities are good practice for young kids and this this counting craft is great for the Easter holiday but can also be a quick learning craft for the rest of the year too. This sensory bin a fun way for younger children to learn some number recognition too. 

Pumpkin Pie Counting Craft – Free Printable Template

Looking for a fall teaching activity for preschoolers? Let your kids have fun practicing counting to 10 with this adorable pumpkin pie craft. All you need is a few paper plates, the free printable and maybe a sheet of paper for this cute learning experience. 

Earth Day Color By Number with Free Printables

Nothing helps a child learn more than with educational activities revolving around repetition. Recognizing different numbers and being able to associate a color with them is a great activity to teach them math. 

Math Fact Hopscotch

Even though this post talks about playing hopscotch with higher level math numbers, the game can also be used to teach number recognition to younger children. This is a fun game that creates active play while also fostering learning. 

Clothespin Math Activity

This is another hands-on learning math activity that is great for younger kids. The best part about this fun math game is that you probably have the supplies on hand for it! This game can be altered for older children too, not just kids in their early years. 

Math with Thomas

Learning math while playing with toys seems to be a win win! Check out this post that shares all about using Thomas the Train sets to tally, measure, compare, add and more! There is even a free downloadable number train game math sheet too!

Math worksheets: How to use them to help your child succeed in school

Looking for a plethora of math worksheets for different aged kids? Check out this post that shares all different ideas and free printables to help aid math activities. These are great for lesson plans and number recognition activities. 

Valentine Heart Candy Math Activities

Looking for a Valentine preschool activity that will help your little ones sharper their math skills? This is the perfect way to put Valentine heart candy to good use! It includes a free math printable with fun activities that revolve around this much loved candy. 

Circus Kindergarten Math Worksheets

If your toddler is a little above the curve when it comes to math, check out these free math worksheets! They include 2 pages of number sense, addition, subtraction, fill in the blanks and puzzles.

Whether it’s simple counting or more complex number activity, I hope we’ve shared a handful of math activities to help your toddler succeed. It’s never too early to blend math with fun crafts for great problem-solving skills.