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Popsicle Stick Scarecrow for a fun Fall Craft

Popsicle stick scarecrows are a great fall craft for kids to do in colder weather when everyone is stuck inside. They take very little time to create and can even make great seasonal decor pieces in the house. From pumpkins to acorns, the options for these popsicle stick craft ideas are endless. Here we will see how to use these sticks to make an amazing popsicle stick scarecrow.

Holiday kid crafts are the best aren’t they? I think my kids do more crafting from October to December than the rest of the year. Let’s make the most of this season and let me show you how to create this fun holiday craft. By the way, if you’re interested in popsicle stick crafts, check out our popsicle stick candy corn craft and our popsicle stick pumpkin crafts too!

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Popsicle stick fall craft

What you will need:

popsicle stick scarecrow supplies

How to make a scarecrow popsicle stick craft

Step 1

Take some of the popsicle sticks and arrange them side by side to create the size you want the scarecrow to be. 

Step 2

Once you have arranged it to be the size you like, put another popsicle stick, rotated in the opposite direction, on top of the rest of the sticks and near the upper edge. 

arranging popsicle sticks to make a fall craft

Keep the arranged popsicle sticks for the next step and set the others aside.   

Step 3

Take all of the sticks that you had arranged, except the top one, and use your paint or marker to color about one third portion of each of the sticks. 

painting the popsicle stick scarecrow

It’s okay if the edges of the paint are rough since it will be covered anyways. 

Let the paint dry. 

Step 4

Take the remaining popsicle stick and using the same paint or marker used before, color it entirely. 

Allow it to dry as well. 

painted popsicle stick

Step 5 

Once all the paint has dried, arrange the sticks painted in step 3 in such a way that the colored portions are on the same side. 

Step 6

Use glue to stick the sides of the sticks together. 

painting a popsicle stick scarecrow

Craft glue and hot glue guns all work well for this craft so feel free to use whichever you think will be best for the kids or yourself. 

Step 7

Once the paint is dry, draw a triangle nose on the unpainted portion of the glued sticks, using the colors used before. 

painted popsicle stick scarecrow

You could also cut a triangle from a piece of colored paper and glue it on top instead. 

Step 8

Glue the completely colored popsicle stick on top of the rest, as arranged before in step 2. Place this in such a way that it covers the edges of the painted portion. 

gluing popsicle sticks to make scarecrow

Step 9

Add the googly eyes near the stick placed on top or make your own using paper or markers. 

adding eyes to the scarecrow

Step 10

Draw the mouth near the bottom with a black marker. Again, feel free to use paper cutouts for this as well. This is your chance to give the scarecrow any expression you want. 

drawing mouth on popsicle stick scarecrow

For additional decor try adding paper flowers or painting leaves onto the top of the popsicle stick scarecrow. You could experiment with the “hat” and add additional sticks on top or even use different colors. While you are at it, why not make several scarecrows and give each of them their own expressions?

Let the kids use any color or decorations they want, to create popsicle stick scarecrow that are uniquely theirs.  

popsicle stick scarecrow fall craft

Look how cute and easy this fall craft was. This is the perfect indoor craft for young kids and old!

popsicle stick scarecrow fall craft

If you enjoyed this fall kids craft I would love for you to pin the image below to Pinterest so you can save it for later.

popsicle stick scarecrow fun kids fall craft

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Thanks for stopping by!

Happy crafting.

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