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Popsicle Stick Candy Corn for a Fun Fall Kids Craft

Learn how to make a fun popsicle stick candy corn craft for this fall season.

Everyone knows what candy corn is right? Candy corn is an iconic fall-time candy that almost everyone has had at least once. Whether we like the taste or not, it can easily be considered one of the main elements in fall time décor. That’s why making candy corn out of popsicle sticks are also great fall craft for kids. If you are running low on popsicle sticks this is also a great craft to make since it needs only six sticks. Here is how to make popsicle stick candy corn. 

Popsicle sticks can be used in a handful of different crafts. We recently completed a popsicle stick scarecrow craft and a popsicle stick pumpkin craft. Today, we’ll be working on another similar fall kids craft.

How to make a popsicle stick candy corn craft

What you will need:

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candy corn popsicle stick supplies

Step 1:

First, take 6 popsicle sticks and set the others aside. 

Step 2:

Take five of the sticks and use an orange marker or paint to color the middle third portion of each of the sticks.

Make sure the edges of the paint are not too rough to give the sticks a clean finish.

painting popsicle sticks orange

Step 3:

While that dries, take the remaining popsicle stick and use your paint or marker to color it entirely yellow. Let this dry as well.

This will be the base of the candy corn.

painting popsicle sticks yellow

Step 4:

When the sticks from step 2 have dried, lay them out and use the same yellow paint or marker to color the bottom third portion of each of the sticks. 

painting popsicle sticks to look like candy corn

Step 5: (optional)

If you want to go the extra mile, use a white color to paint the top third portion of each of the sticks. This step is completely optional however, since leaving the upper portions blank will have a similar effect on the overall craft.

Step 6:

When all the popsicle sticks are dry, it is time to assemble.

Take two of the sticks and create a “V” shape by placing the blank or white corner of one stick on top of the same corner of another. Then take the yellow stick and position each of its edges on top of each of the yellow corners of the V-shaped sticks. A triangle shape should be formed. 

assembling candy corn popsicle sticks

Use your choice of glue to stick these three popsicle sticks in place. 

making candy corn popsicle sticks

Step 7:

Place the blank or white portion of another popsicle stick on top of the blank or white corner of the ‘triangle’, while positioning the yellow corner under the centre of the yellow base stick. 

Glue this in place.

candy corn popsicle stick

Step 8:

Take another stick and once again place the colorless corner, this time on top of the colorless joint. 

Place the yellow end of the same stick onto the side of the yellow stick. 

Use glue to stick this in place.

making candy corn popsicle stick crafts

Step 9:

Repeat the previous step with another popsicle stick but this time position the yellow end on the other side of the yellow stick. 

candy corn popsicle stick kid craft

Allow time for the glue to dry in place.

And you’re done! Using only three materials you have made a pretty popsicle stick craft. Hang these using garland, use them as placeholders for dinner parties, or simply let the kids arrange these popsicle stick candy corn however they want.

candy corn popsicle stick fall craft
popsicle stick candy corn kids fall craft

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Happy crafting!

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