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Flip Book Ideas for Kids with Teachable Flip Book Templates

Check out these 20 DIY flip books for kids with teachable flip book PDF printables. You will find a handful of printable flip book ideas for kids of all ages.

Did you make a flip book when you were a kid? Homemade flip books are a right of passage for kids right? At least they used to be.

If you are looking for a fun and interactive way to get your kids off the screen and exploring their creative side then look no further than these 20 DIY flip books for kids! With a variety of printable flip book ideas for kids of all ages, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Whether you’re looking to teach your kids about different topics or just want to provide them with a fun and engaging activity, these flip books are sure to do the trick. From animals to seasons to emotions, each post has a different theme and will help your kids learn while having fun. So why not give them a try and see what kind of creative masterpieces your kids can come up with?

I’ve created a list of twenty different flip book ideas all (or most) with free PDF flip book printables. Each post has a different theme and will teach your kids about a different topic.

Flip Book Ideas

Flip books are a great way to engage children in learning and creativity. Here are some exciting flip book ideas that children of all ages will enjoy:

  • Reindeer Flip Book: Kids can learn about reindeer and their characteristics with this interactive flip book. The pack contains two versions of most pages, one for younger children and the other for older ones. It also includes three versions of the flip book, one with lines for younger children, one with lines for older children, and one blank.
  • Sight Word Family Flip Books: These flip books are a fun DIY solution to word families. They are a great way to introduce children to sight words and are as fun to make as they are to use.
  • Cartoon Flip Book: This is a simple cartoon flip book that is great for young kids. Children can learn how to make their own flip book and create their own animations.
  • Planets Flip Book: Kids can learn about the planets in our solar system with this printable flip book. The book includes facts about each planet and a picture to help children connect the dots.
  • Swimming Mermaid Craft Flip Book: This interactive craft introduces children to the simple curl animation technique. By printing the free printable mermaid pages and cutting them out, children can create a cute Mermaid flip book.
  • Brown Bag Flip Book: Kids can make a simple paper bag craft with a brown bag flip book. This easy homemade flip book is great for kids young and old!
  • Owl Life Cycle Flip Books: Children can learn about the six different parts of an owl life cycle with these fun flip books.
  • Flip a Robot Printable Activity Book: This printable activity book allows children to mix and match the heads, bodies, and legs of several different robots, or even create their own robots to mix and match.
  • Endangered Animals Flip Books: Children can learn about fifteen different endangered animals with these three printable research flip books that each contain five different animals.
  • Spanish Colors Flip Book: This DIY flip book is a great way to teach colors to kids in Spanish. It is an interactive way to introduce the Spanish language to young children.
  • Fall Flip Book: Use the free printable tree templates to create your own DIY fall flip book.
  • Counting Flip Book: This flip book is designed to help preschoolers see the relationships and patterns in counting. Just print the pages and cut out each box to create your own easy counting flip book.
  • Jamestown Settlement Research Flip Book: Children can learn more about the first permanent English settlement in America, the struggles, and their achievements with this flip book.
  • Solar System Research Flip Book: Kids love learning about space and the solar system. This free flip book is a fun way to do it.
  • Traditional Irish Instruments Flip Book: Teach your kids all about the traditional Irish instruments with this DIY flip book.
  • Animal Flip Book: After learning the story of Noah’s Ark, children can make this flip book to incorporate some math skills into their day.
  • Phases of the Moon Flip Book: Download the free copy of the Phases of the Moon Flip Book and teach kids all about the moon!
  • 1950s Flip Book: Children can learn about the popularity of drive-in theaters, the jukebox, poodle skirts, and more with this fun DIY flip book.
  • Parts of a Map Flip Book: Learning the different parts of a map is fun with this flip book and map lines mini book.
  • Quiet Flip Book: This quiet flip book with cloth allows children to flip through tons of different body types and different people.

With these flip book ideas, children can learn and have fun at the same time. Happy crafting!

Twenty DIY Flip Books for Kids with teachable Flip Book PDF Printables

Check out these 20 DIY flip books for kids with teachable flip book PDF printables. You will find a handful of printable flip book ideas for kids of all ages.

I hope you found at least one idea for your child in this list. Make sure to check out our homemade Disney memory book too!

Not feeling up to creating your own flip book? Check out this list of awesome Flip Book Kits from Amazon.

flip book kit

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Until next time, happy crafting!

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