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Dares to Do for Kids: Fun and Safe Challenges

Looking for some fun activities to keep the kids entertained and engaged? Dare questions can be an excellent way to encourage creativity, bravery, and a little bit of harmless fun. Dare games are those timeless games that we used to play way back when. When was the last time you played a dare game?

Whether it’s a rainy day indoors or a sunny afternoon in the backyard, a fun dare game can provide the perfect mix of excitement and laughter.

Good Dares not only boost confidence but also help kids step out of their comfort zones in a playful way.

They can range from silly challenges like singing a favorite song loudly to more interactive ones like doing a funny dance. The best dares often create memories that last a lifetime. They might involve eating your favorite food or engaging in your favorite activity. Grab your family or your best friend and let’s start making memories with a list of fun dares! 

Indoor Dares

Indoor dares can be a great way for kids to challenge themselves in fun and educational ways, especially for a family game night. These activities often involve humorous antics with funny questions, artistic creativity, and brain-teasing tasks.

Funny Challenges

Kids love to laugh, and funny challenges are perfect for indoor entertainment. One classic dare is the chubby bunny challenge, where players stuff marshmallows in their mouths and try to say “chubby bunny.” This is probably the funniest thing for younger kids. 

Another popular dare is blindfold drawing. A player is blindfolded and then tries to draw something while others guess what it is. This can lead to hilarious results and a lot of giggles.

Sock basketball is a game where players try to throw rolled-up socks into a laundry basket from a distance. It can quickly turn into a fun competition.

Creative Arts

Engaging kids in creative arts can be stimulating. A photo scavenger hunt is a classic game to do this. Give them a list of items to find and capture around the house with a camera or smartphone. First person to get everything on the list wins. 

Another creative dare is the 30-minute art challenge. Provide kids with art supplies and a theme, and see what they can create within the time limit.

Storytelling with a twist involves writing a story where each person adds a sentence, but with a funny restriction like including a silly word or making it rhyme. This is sort of like a modern day version of Mad Libs. 

Educational Tasks

Educational tasks can make kids think while having fun. A science experiment dare involves simple experiments like making a volcano with baking soda and vinegar.

Another task is math riddles. Give kids intriguing problems to solve that require creative reasoning.

Word puzzles like crosswords or word searches can also be a great way to engage kids in learning while they enjoy the challenge.

Outdoor Dares

Outdoor dares for kids offer exciting opportunities to explore nature, engage in physical activities, and embark on neighborhood adventures. They can be outdoor silly dares or more serious physically strenuous dares. 

Nature Exploration

Nature dares encourage kids to step out and discover the great outdoors. They can start with a treasure hunt, searching for specific leaves, rocks, or flowers.

Another fun challenge is to identify different types of birds or insects or your favorite animal. 

They could also build a small shelter using sticks and leaves or try building a Nerf fort around the house.

Nerf fort with a cardboard box

Physical Activities

Physical activity dares aim to keep kids active and energized. Simple dares include relay races, obstacle courses, or jumping rope a certain number of times without stopping. If it’s a hot day, try an Ice cube melting race. Give each child an ice cube and have them race to see who can melt it the fastest using only their hands. This can also be turned into a fun science experiment by discussing the different ways to melt ice cubes.

For a group, they could play tag or have a tug-of-war contest. Check out more fun and engaging sports crafts and activities here.

sports crafts for kids

Neighborhood Adventures

Neighborhood dares involve interactive challenges in familiar surroundings. Kids can be dared to visit and introduce themselves to a neighbor they’ve never met, or to chalk a hopscotch grid on the sidewalk and play. 

They could also organize a small scavenger hunt with friends around the block. These activities promote social skills and a sense of community.

Team-Based Dares

Team-based dares create a fun and engaging way for kids to work together. Focusing on collaboration, problem-solving, and friendly competition.

Collaborative Games

Scavenger hunts are a perfect example, where children team up to find a list of items within a set time frame.

Another fun game is the human knot, where participants must untangle themselves without letting go of each other’s hands. These games require communication, trust, and teamwork.

Group Puzzles

Group puzzles are fantastic for promoting teamwork and critical thinking. 

Jigsaw puzzles are a classic choice, where each team gets a portion of the puzzle to complete.

Another option is escape room-style challenges, where kids must solve a series of puzzles to “escape” a room. These activities encourage cooperation and problem-solving, helping kids develop patience and persistence while they work together. Make sure to lay the ground rules before starting to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Family vs. Family

Family vs. Family dares add an element of friendly competition to team-based activities. These are great for family gatherings and reunions. Relay races bring out the competitive spirit, with a family member racing to complete different tasks as quickly as possible.

Trivia contests are another exciting option, with questions spanning various topics to test family knowledge. These can be fun truth questions or funny truth questions too. Check out loads of other trivia questions like Science Trivia questions and Summer Trivia Questions too.

science trivia questions for kids
awesome summer trivia questions for kids

Holiday-Themed Dares

Giving dares a holiday twist can enhance the fun and excitement. Each holiday offers unique themes and activities that can transform regular dares into memorable experiences for kids.

Halloween Spooks

Halloween is the perfect time for spooky dares to push kids out of their comfort zone. 

Kids can dare each other to explore dark, decorated areas or tell ghost stories in a pitch-black room. 

Another fun dare would be to eat a piece of candy without knowing what flavor it will be and the one who guesses it right wins.  

Costume dares are also popular, like challenging someone to dress up in the silliest thing or scariest costume they can find. You can even try dressing someone up as a fashion model or famous person and make the others guess who they are impersonating. 

Spooky Dare Ideas:

  • Walk through a haunted maze blindfolded.
  • Eat a mystery-flavored jelly bean.
  • Share a ghost story in the dark.
  • Dress up in the most outrageous costume.

Christmas Fun

Christmas-themed dares can revolve around the festive spirit of the season. 

Kids can dare each other to sing carols loudly or to wrap themselves up in Christmas lights. 

Christmas cookie decorating challenges are also fun, where you have to decorate a cookie uniquely in a short amount of time. 

buttons on snowman for melting snowman cookies

They can even dare friends to guess the Christmas gift solely by shaking the wrapped box.

Festive Dare Ideas:

  • Sing a Christmas carol at the top of your lungs.
  • Wrap yourself in holiday lights for five minutes.
  • Decorate a holiday cookie while blindfolded.
  • Guess a gift by shaking it.

Easter Egg Hunts

Easter dares can add an element of surprise and adventure to any egg hunt. 

One popular dare is to find a specific color of egg within a time limit. 

Other fun dares include hopping like a bunny while searching for eggs or creating Easter-themed crafts within a set time. These dares are great for younger kids. 

Easter Story crafts and activities

Easter Dare Ideas:

  • Find a blue egg in under a minute.
  • Eat a mystery-flavored jelly bean.
  • Hop like a bunny during the egg hunt.
  • Create an Easter craft in ten minutes.

Adapting Dares for Different Ages

When it comes to dares, age really matters. What’s fun for a 7-year-old might be confusing or boring for a teenager. Below are a few ideas for children of all ages. 

For Young Kids (Ages 5-7):

  • Silly animal impressions
  • Hop on one foot for a minute
  • Sing their favorite song
  • Pretend to have an imaginary friend

These dares are simple and safe, keeping the fun lighthearted.

For Preteens (Ages 8-12):

  • Tell a funny joke or riddle
  • Do a dance move they love
  • Balance a book on their head and walk in a straight line
  • Game of truth or answering good truth questions

These dares are a bit more challenging but still manageable.

For Teenagers (Ages 13-17):

  • Eat a spoonful of hot sauce or mustard
  • Post a goofy photo on social media
  • Do 20 push-ups or sit-ups
  • Dress someone up with a toilet paper roll

Teenagers enjoy dares that push their comfort zones a bit more.

Dares for Special Occasions

Special occasions like birthday parties, sleepovers, and end-of-school celebrations are ideal times for kids to have fun with dares. Here are some exciting and safe ideas that will add thrill and laughter to these events.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a perfect occasion to make someone feel special. 

Example dares for birthday parties:

  • Sing Happy Birthday in a funny voice.
  • Wear a silly hat until the next turn.
  • Dance with a broom for one minute.


Sleepovers are all about bonding and making memories. Dares during a sleepover can spice up the night and keep everyone entertained.

Example dares for sleepovers:

  • Tell a ghost story with the lights off.
  • Wear your pajamas backward until morning.
  • Do a funny impersonation of someone in the group.

End-of-School Celebrations

End-of-school celebrations mark a significant milestone and deserve a bit of extra fun. 

Example dares for end-of-school celebrations:

  • Write a thank-you note to a favorite teacher.
  • Create funny dares with an end-of-year award for each friend.
  • Sing a song from the school year in a chosen voice.

Tech-Related Dares

Tech-related dares can be both fun and educational experiences for kids. 

Video Game Challenges

Video game challenges are a great way to engage kids in friendly competition. 

They could be tasked with completing a specific level without losing a life or beating a personal score in a certain amount of time.

Another idea is speed running a game, where they try to complete the game as fast as possible. 

This requires not just skill but also strategic thinking and planning. 

Multiplayer games like “Minecraft” or “Fortnite” can include dares such as building a unique structure or winning a match using only a specific set of tools.

Regular and structured play can enhance hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities.

Social Media Quests

Social media quests offer a modern twist to dares. They encourage kids to use social platforms creatively and safely.

They can be asked to create a 24-hour photo challenge on Instagram. In this challenge, they post photos based on different themes each hour.

Another fun quest could involve making a viral TikTok dance video or participating in a trending hashtag challenge. 

Tips include setting privacy controls and supervised access to ensure a safe experience. Also, make sure these dares are for older children only. 

I hope we’ve given you plenty of ideas for awesome dares to do for kids!