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Sports Crafts for Kids: Fun and Easy Ideas for Active Play

Sports are an excellent way for children to stay active and healthy, but sometimes it can be challenging to keep them engaged. One way to encourage kids to stay active and interested in sports is by introducing them to sports crafts. Sports crafts provide a fun and educational way for children to learn about various sports while also developing their creativity and fine motor skills.

sports crafts for kids

The Importance of Sports Crafts for Kids

Sports crafts are a fun way for kids to learn about sports and physical activity while learning a little about team spirit. By creating sports-themed crafts, children can learn about the rules, equipment, and history of their favorite sports.

These crafts can also help children develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity. For example, making a paper football or basketball hoop can help improve a child’s dexterity and spatial awareness.

In addition to the physical benefits, sports crafts can also help children develop important social skills. Working on a craft project with others can teach children how to collaborate, communicate, and problem-solve as a team.

Choosing the Right Craft

Age Appropriateness

Make sure to choose a craft that is appropriate for your child’s age. Crafts that are too difficult can be frustrating and discouraging, while crafts that are too easy can be boring. Consider the following age ranges and the types of crafts that are appropriate for each:

  • Ages 3-5: Simple crafts that involve coloring, cutting, and gluing, such as coloring pages, paper plate crafts and tissue paper crafts, foam stickers and pom poms.
  • Ages 6-8: Crafts that involve more complex cutting and gluing, such as paper mache, origami, and beading.
  • Ages 9-12: Crafts that involve more advanced techniques, such as sewing, knitting, and crocheting.

Interest in Sport

Always consider your child’s interest in a particular sport. If your child is not interested in the sport, they may not enjoy the craft as much and may not be motivated to complete it. Choose a craft that is related to a sport that your child enjoys, such as making a basketball hoop out of paper plates or a soccer ball out of yarn. Whatever you do, don’t force the craft if they aren’t into it that particular sports theme. Pivot and find another craft if your little artists want to do something different. 

Easy Sports Crafts for Kids

Looking for a fun craft or easy sports craft for kids? Look no further! Here are a few ideas that are sure to keep your little ones entertained and engaged.

Paper Plate Tennis

For this craft, you’ll need two paper plates, some paint, and a balloon. Simply paint the paper plates to look like tennis rackets and let them dry. Then, have your child use the rackets to hit the balloon back and forth, just like in a real game of tennis.

paper plate tennis

Football Handprint Art

Football craft ideas are perfect for football fans! All you need is some brown paint and a piece of paper. Have your child dip their hand in the paint and make a hand print on the paper. Then, use a marker to draw on the football laces and any other details your child wants to add like a football field. This is a fun sports craft around football season. 

Speaking of football crafts, check out this fun post with lots of football crafts from fuse bead patterns!

Coffee Filter Basketball Craft

For this craft, you’ll need a few coffee filters, construction paper, glue stick and some markers or crayons. Have your little one color the coffee filter the same color as a basketball, then draw the black lines on the ball and then glue it to the construction paper! Easy peasy basketball craft.

basketball coffee filter craft

Tin Can Indoor Golf

Grab some tin cans, craft sticks, glue sticks, flag template and duct tape with a few golf balls and you can make this fun golf activity at home! You can keep your kids busy inside for a while with this sports craft.

Tin can golf

Intermediate Sports Crafts Ideas

Paper football with Lego Goal

Learn how to play paper football with a LEGO goal post that your kids can easily build with LEGO blocks you probably already have at home. These paper footballs are so easy to make and great for younger kids to play with. 

paper football with lego goal

Homemade Bowling Set

Creating a homemade bowling set is a fun and easy craft for kids. To make a homemade bowling set, you will need:

  • Empty plastic bottles (or any set of objects that can be easily and safely pushed over)
  • Paint
  • A ball

First, clean and dry the plastic bottles. Then, paint the bottles with fun designs and colors. Once the paint is dry, set up the bottles in a triangle formation to resemble traditional bowling pins. Finally, use a ball to knock down the pins and play the game.

homemade bowling set

Baseball String Art

For kids who love baseball, creating this baseball craft with a string art project is a creative and unique craft idea. To make a baseball string art project, you will need:

  • A wooden board
  • Nails
  • String
  • Paint

First, paint the wooden board to resemble a baseball field. Next, hammer nails into the board to create the outline of a baseball. Then, wrap string around the nails to create the stitching on the baseball. Finally, hang the finished project on the wall for a fun and sporty decoration.

Soccer Ball Pinata

Learn how to blow up a beach soccer ball and create your own Soccer ball pinata. If you have a soccer lover, this is a great way to make a few soccer balls and fill them with fun treats for a birthday party or any time of the year. 

soccer ball pinata

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Advanced Sports Crafts Ideas

Looking for some more challenging sports crafts ideas? Here are a few advanced options that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Also with older kids, it’s a great idea to incorporate books about the particular sport you are crafting for!

Soccer books:

Football books:

Basketball books:

Hockey books:

DIY Tabletop Soccer

For a miniature version of the beloved game, try making a DIY tabletop soccer set. Start with a small wooden or cardboard box and paint it to look like a soccer field. Then, use wooden dowels or popsicle sticks to create the players and a small ball. Kids can use their hands or pencils to move the players around the field and score goals.

Homemade Ping Pong Table

For a more advanced craft, try making a homemade ping pong table. Start with a large piece of plywood or particle board and paint it with white lines to resemble a ping pong table. Then, use wooden dowels or PVC pipes to create the net and attach it to the table. Kids can use ping pong paddles and balls to play games with friends and family.

Craft Stick Hockey Rink

For a fun twist on hockey, try making a craft stick hockey rink. Start with a large piece of cardboard or foam board and paint it to look like a hockey rink. Then, use craft sticks to create the players and a small ball or puck. Kids can use their hands or pencils to move the players around the rink and score goals.

Incorporating Learning in Sports Crafts

Sports crafts are not just fun activities for kids, but they can also help them learn valuable skills. Let me show you a few below.

Math Skills

Sports crafts can help children develop their math skills by incorporating counting, measuring, and geometry. For example, when making a basketball hoop, kids can measure the diameter of the hoop and calculate the circumference. They can also count the number of nails or screws needed to attach the hoop to the backboard.

Fine Motor Skills

Sports crafts can also help children develop their fine motor skills. Activities such as painting, cutting, and gluing can improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity. For example, when making a baseball glove, children can practice cutting out the leather pieces and sewing them together.


Sports crafts can also teach children the importance of teamwork. Many sports require cooperation and collaboration, and by working together on a sports craft, children can learn how to communicate effectively and work towards a common goal. For example, when making a soccer goal, children can work together to measure and cut the PVC pipes, attach the connectors, and assemble the goal.

I hope you can find an easy project in this list to help inspire your sports fan to create! Also a lot of these activities can be educational activities that will help your child learn while having fun. Let’s get crafting!

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