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Bee Crafts for Preschool: Fun and Educational Activity Ideas

Discover fun and educational bee crafts for preschool! Engage little ones with easy, creative activities that help develop fine motor skills while learning about these important pollinators.

Exploring the world of bees through cute bee crafts is not only educational but much fun for preschool children. These activities provide a tactile and enjoyable way to learn about bees, their importance in our ecosystem, and the basics of pollination. By engaging in a fun bee craft, young learners can develop their fine motor skills, explore their creativity, and begin to understand the role these vital insects play in our environment.

Bee crafts for preschool

Incorporating an adorable bee craft into a preschool curriculum ignites curiosity and encourages interactive learning. Children can create their own easy bee crafts from a variety of materials, such as paper, paint, and recycled objects, allowing them to express their understanding of bees in a concrete, hands-on manner. These crafts can be coupled with stories, songs, and educational resources about bees to provide a well-rounded learning experience.

Let’s first dive into a little more about these awesome insects.

Understanding Bees

Bees are fascinating insects with complex biology and an essential role in natural ecosystems. 

Bee Biology for Kids

The honeybee (Apis mellifera) has a body divided into three parts: the head, thorax, and abdomen. They possess six legs and two pairs of wings attached to the thorax. A bee’s head contains its eyes and antennae, which they use to sense their environment. Worker bees, which are female, also have a stinger for defense.

Key Features:

  • Body Parts: Head, thorax, abdomen
  • Legs: 6
  • Wings: 2 pairs
  • Eyes: Compound and simple
  • Antennae: For sensation
  • Stinger: Present in workers

The Role of Bees in Nature

Bees are crucial pollinators, transferring pollen from one flower to another, which helps plants reproduce. Did you know that nearly 75% of the world’s crops benefit from bee pollination directly or indirectly? Not to mention the yummy food honey bees make!


  • Pollination: Vital for plant reproduction
  • Biodiversity: Supports varied plant life
  • Agriculture: Assists with crop production

Essential Materials for Bee Crafts

List of Basic Crafting Supplies

Here’s a list of most of the materials you will need to create these awesome bee crafts at home.

  • Construction Paper: Various colors including yellow and black for bee bodies.
  • Safety Scissors: Child-friendly scissors for cutting paper shapes.
  • Glue Stick: Easy-to-handle glue sticks for assembling crafts.
  • Washable Paints: Yellow paint and black non-toxic paints for bee decorations.
  • Craft Stick: To be used as handles for bee puppets or to provide structure to creations.
  • Pipe Cleaners: Flexible materials for antennae or to add dimension to bee crafts.
  • Google Eyes: Sticky-backed google eyes to bring the bee crafts to life.
  • Markers and Crayons: For adding details and features to the crafts.
  • Tissue Paper: Yellow and black tissue paper can be used for textured wings or bodies.
  • Black Marker: This is used to help draw lines or a face on the fun craft

Educational Bee Craft Activities

Introducing young learners to bees’ role in our ecosystem can be as enjoyable as it is educational. These craft activities provide hands-on experience with the life cycle of bees, their importance in pollination, and their natural habitats.

Lifecycle of a Bee Craft

Preschoolers can create a simple bee life cycle model using paper plates, markers, and pasted cutouts. The four stages to highlight are:

  1. Egg: Tiny white paper circles can represent eggs.
  2. Larva: Use soft yellow pom-poms for the larvae.
  3. Pupa: Create cocoon shapes with tissue paper.
  4. Adult Bee: Cutouts of bees with black and yellow stripes complete the cycle.

Arrange these materials in a clockwise sequence on the plate to represent the bee’s transformation from egg to adult.

Pollination Simulation Game

A fun way to demonstrate pollination is by simulating a bee’s journey from flower to flower. For this activity, preschoolers can wear yellow fuzzy shirts symbolizing bees and carry small bags of yellow pollen (yellow craft pom-poms). They can “pollinate” large paper flowers by transferring the pom-poms using tweezers to mimic the bee’s gathering of nectar and spreading of pollen.

Bee Habitat Diorama

Creating a diorama helps children visualize and understand where bees live. They can use a shoebox as the diorama base and decorate it with:

  • Colored clay for the ground and flowers
  • Popsicle sticks for plant stems and beehives
  • Cotton balls for clouds

This hands-on project educates them on the different aspects of a bee’s habitat and the environmental elements bees need to thrive.

If you need more tips on how to make a diorama box, check out this tutorial before you leave. Making dioramas are a great way to help kids understand any habitat!

Simple Bee Craft Projects

These bee craft ideas are each an easy spring craft that reinforces the connection between bees and their natural environment during different times of the year.

Engaging preschoolers with simple bee craft projects can help foster creativity and teach them about the importance of bees in our ecosystem. These fun bee crafts are easy to make with materials commonly found at home or in a classroom. 

Bee Finger Puppets

Materials Needed: yellow and black pipe cleaners, small googly eyes, glue, and yellow pom-poms.


  1. Wrap a yellow pipe cleaner around the child’s finger to create the body of the bee.
  2. Cut small pieces of a black pipe cleaner to wrap around the yellow body for the bee’s stripes.
  3. Glue two googly eyes to the yellow pom-pom.
  4. Attach the pom-pom to the top of the finger puppet to form the bee’s head.

Bee Coloring Pages

If you are looking for some fun printable bee coloring pages, look no further! You can easily print a handful of easy Bee coloring pages like this one below.

bee coloring pages


  • Provide an assortment of crayons or markers.
  • Ensure each child has a bee-themed coloring page.
  • Encourage them to color within the lines to practice fine motor skills.

Spring Flower and Bee Crafts

In spring, preschoolers can craft bees pollinating flowers, using pipe cleaners for the bees’ fuzzy bodies and tissue paper for the delicate petals of flowers. They can layer yellow and black beads on the pipe cleaners to represent the bees’ striped patterns.

Bee Paper craft for kids that includes a free bee printable

Children will enjoy creating their very own paper bee with moveable wings!

Bee paper craft for kids

Paper Bee Craft for kids

This cute preschool craft includes a simple tutorial on how to create a 3D paper version of a bee!

3D paper bee craft for kids

Summer Bee Garden Markers

For summer, children can create garden markers by painting rocks to resemble bees. Applying acrylic paints to create the yellow and black stripes, and then finishing the rock with a pair of clear or white wings, turns a simple stone into a cute bee garden marker.

Check out more rock painting ideas here!

Footprint Bee Mine Valentines Day cards

Check out this easy step-by-step Footprint Bee Mine Valentine’s Day Cards tutorial. Your preschooler will enjoy making this cute bee craft for their loved ones.

Footprint Bee Mine Valentine's Day cards

Crafting with Recycled Materials

Recycled materials provide an excellent resource for preschool bee crafts. They offer a creative and eco-friendly way to engage children in art while teaching them about the importance of reusing materials. 

Paper Cup Preschool Bumble Bee Craft Idea

Grab some black and yellow cups with a few more materials and see how you can create a fun and simple bee project!

bumble bee craft with cups

Toilet Paper roll Bee craft

​Your preschooler will love to create this easy and adorable bee craft with just a few supplies like a cardboard tube and construction paper. 

toilet paper roll Bee craft

Coffee Filter Bumble Bee Craft

With a few coffee filters and clothespins your preschooler can create this cute Coffee Filter Bumble Bee craft! I can’t believe how real they look!

coffee filter bumble bee craft

Egg Carton Bees

To create these bees, one will need a standard cardboard egg carton. Each bee is crafted from an individual egg cup cut from the carton. Paint the outside of the cup yellow and add black stripes using a non-toxic paint or markers. Once dry, small pieces of black pipe cleaners can be inserted for antennae, and wings can be fashioned from either tissue paper or upcycled plastic bags, giving a delicate look to the craft.

Bottle Cap Bee Art

For making bottle cap bee art, gather plastic bottle caps that would otherwise be discarded. These caps can be painted in black and yellow to resemble the body of a bee. Secure the painted caps onto a piece of recycled cardboard in a hexagonal “honeycomb” pattern. To enhance the visual effect, children can paint a background scene on the cardboard before attaching the caps or add details such as drawn-on wings or stick-on googly eyes to each bottle cap bee.

Paper plate Bee Craft

These paper plate Bee crafts are perfect for Preschoolers. All you need is to download the free templates, color them and add them to the paper plate! This is a great craft for rainy days!

paper plate bee craft

Interactive Bee Crafts

Interactive bee crafts engage preschool children in activities that promote learning while having fun. These crafts encourage fine motor skills development, creativity, and a basic understanding of bees through playful interaction.

Bee Slime Recipe

Any slime recipe is a hit for preschool aged children right? Check out this fun Bee slime recipe that kids will love to not only make, but play with too!

Bee slime recipe

DIY Bee bath

This DIY bee bath is a simple and pollinator-friendly summer activity you can quickly throw together from supplies gathered right in your own backyard. And yes, in case you were wondering (because I was), this really is a “bath” for the bees. What a cute idea!

DIY bee bath

Bee Puppet Show

To create Bee Puppets, caregivers can provide materials such as:

  • Small paper bags
  • Yellow, black, and white construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers or crayons


  1. Cut yellow paper to cover the paper bag and glue it on as the bee’s body.
  2. Add black stripes and white wings cut from construction paper.
  3. Draw a face on the flap of the paper bag, which becomes the bee’s head when the bag is opened.
  4. Use markers or crayons to add details.

Once the puppets are made, they can be used for interactive storytelling or a puppet show that can be both directed and performed by the children, allowing them to explore bee behaviors and habitats in an imaginative way.

Bee Themed Sensory Bin for Preschoolers

This bee themed sensory bin will be a huge hit for one child or multiple children to play with. This is a non messy sensory bin with only dry materials. This is perfect for preschoolers who don’t love getting wet and for mom’s not looking for a lot of cleanup!

Bee theme sensory bin

We hope these fun Bee crafts will give you some ideas on how to entertain and teach your preschooler!

Happy Crafting

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