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Kid Friendly Nail Polish for Kids; Natural and Safe

See a handful of kid friendly nail polish for kids. If you don’t want to worry about harmful ingredients in your child’s nail polish then this list will help you choose the right ones!

My little girl has been asking (or showing) me to paint her nails since she could talk (before that actually). Honestly I never really worried about the ingredients or how they could be harmful to her until I caught her trying to lick her fingers right after we applied the polish. GASP.

That’s when I realized there might be something to the whole “kid friendly, natural and safe” nail polish product.

Shortly after that I decided I could make my own DIY kid friendly nail polish! This worked great and was so much fun to make.

kid safe nail polish

That being said, sometimes you don’t want to hassle with making your own.

That’s what led me to this post. Today I’m sharing a handful kid friendly (no harsh chemicals) nail polish products with you.

Kid Friendly Nail Polish for Kids; Natural and Safe

See a handful of kid friendly nail polish for kids. If you don't want to worry about toxic ingredients in your child's nail polish then this list will help you choose the right ones!

Now that I’ve shared my favorite brands of kid friendly nail polish I want to compare them a little more.

Also make sure to check out a few other options for eco friendly nail polish too!

Eco friendly nail polish

Kid friendly nail polish pricing

These kid friendly nail polishes all come at a very different price.

  1. Little Lady Products: $12 per bottle
  2. Prim and Pure: $7.99 per bottle
  3. Suncoatgirl: $10.49 per bottle
  4. Karma Organic: $19.99 four mini bottles
  5. Kid Licks: $12.99 per bottle
  6. Piggy Paint: $7.99 per bottle
  7. Ella+Mila: $12.50 per bottle
  8. Cote: $18.00 per bottle

Most expensive kid friendly nail polish

As you can see the Cote nail polish is definitely the most expensive but it also comes the most highly rated. Another thing to note about Cote; it isn’t necessarily nail polish for kids. It’s actually made for adults but the ingredients are safe enough for kids. I like the idea of this because both me and my daughter can use it too!

Cheapest kid friendly nail polish

Piggy Paint comes in as the cheapest of the nail polishes by far. The reviews say that the color goes on really well BUT it does chip very easily. I guess you get what you pay for.

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Where to buy nail polish for kids

You can find most of these products in your local drugstore or big box store. A few of them will have to be ordered online. Of course they can all be ordered directly through their store website as well.

Cote: Your best bet to find this nail polish is on their website. 

Ella+Mila: Find it at drug stores,Target and also on Amazon.

Piggy Paint: It can be found in most retail stores carrying nail polish and on Amazon.

Kid Licks: Right now this product is only available on their website.

Karma Organic: Find it at most drug stores, big box stores and Amazon

Suncoatgirl: Find it at Whole Foods Market and Amazon.

Prim and Pure: Find it at most big box stores and Amazon.

Little Lady Products: Best found on their website or in specialty boutiques.

After looking at all of these natural nail polish products and realizing how toxic and unhealthy most other nail polish brands are, I’m wondering why I’m not using these products.

non toxic nail polish for kids

Well folks I’m off to purchase some of these for myself now and start purging my old toxic nail polish brands!

I hope you’ve found some good and safe products for you and your little ones to try.