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How to Store Kids Photos from Smartphone; Private Instagram Account

Having a plan to store all your smartphone pictures is a good idea in todays tech world. I’ve shared how to store kids photos and videos from a smartphone on Instagram without having to worry about backing them up.

In the age of technology, eeerrrbody has a smart phone, right? It’s easy to take thousands of phone pictures of your kids BUT what do you do with all of them? How do you keep those memories when years down the road those pictures are lost in space. I’m not sure my kids will want to keep up with all those snap shots when they grow up. What can you do to safely store memories that isn’t a pain to keep up with or pass on to your kids? My solution; create a private Instagram account for each child. Save the best pictures and videos and caption each post with a detailed memory.

Storing kids memories with an instagram account

As a side note, there are a lot of opinions on children having their own phones. Here are some advantages of mobile phones for children in this post. What are your thoughts?

Back to my thoughts; My question was always, “how do I easily pass these pictures on to my kids when they get older?”

There are a handful of free solutions, but none of them really caught my interest.

Free places to store images from your smartphone

  • iCloud
  • external hard drive
  • computer hard drive
  • Google drive

I’ve thought and thought about this and I do believe that I found a solution for the easiest way to quickly store memories that you will keep for many years.

What about social media?

I know a lot of people that post ALL their memories, pictures and videos to Facebook just so they can see the memories year after year. The problem with that is that I don’t want to create a separate account for each kid.

What about Instagram? YES! I might be on to something.

What is the easiest platform to store photos and videos from your phone?

I think the easiest platform to use to store kids photos, videos and caption all of them is a private Instagram account. This way you can slowly add any digital media you like and make sure it’s private so no one else sees it.

I know some of you are thinking, “what happens if Instagram goes away?”

I’ve already thought about that and decided that if they do, there should be ample time and notice to move those files to another source.

Also, it’s a really good idea to back up those Instagram files periodically. I found a great source on how to do that HERE.

Let’s talk about logistics for a second. Say you have multiple kids plus your own Instagram account. Is it easy to switch back and forth between multiple accounts? You bet it is. See Instagram’s post about how to do that HERE. No logging in and out!

Another great “kid storage idea” is to take pictures of their favorite artwork and post those to their Instagram timeline.

Storing kids memories with an instagram account

How to Store Kids Photos from Smartphone on a Private Instagram Account

  1. Create a new Instagram account for each child and set it to private
  2. Post photos and videos from your phone to Instagram
  3. As you create new photos and videos, remember to share them to the Instagram account
  4. Share the account and password with trusted relatives and friends that can also share memories
  5. When your child is old enough, share the Instagram account with them so they can cherish their memories forever too!

Companies that create photo books from digital images from your phone

You can easily create a book or gift without having to download another app!

Another bonus to creating a private Instagram account for your kids; share the password with TRUSTED members of your family (grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, etc.) so they can share memories also.

What if someone deletes the Instagram Account?

Since Instagram won’t let you delete the account from inside the app, you won’t have to worry about a family member accidentally deleting the account. Way to go Instagram!

Now head over to Instagram and create a new account for your kids and start sharing memories!

They will thank you later, I promise.

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