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Bead Crafts for Kids: Lots of Easy and Fun Project Ideas

Bead crafts are a great way for children to practice fine motor skills, explore their creativity, and make something they can be proud of. Working with colorful beads, your kids can string together necklaces, craft intricate bracelets, or even create unique decorations for their room for an easy craft. 

With bead crafts, the possibilities are endless, from simple patterns to more complex projects tailored to kids of all ages and different skill levels. Materials like plastic, glass, or wooden beads come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing for so many different options. This activity not only entertains but also teaches children about colors, patterns, and design while encouraging patience and concentration.

bead crafts for kids

Types of Beads

  • Plastic Beads: These are lightweight, durable, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for starter projects. There are a handful of different types of plastic beads like pony beads, perler beads and fuse beads. 
  • Wooden Beads: You’ll find these bring a natural aesthetic to projects; they are often larger, making them easier for young crafters to handle.
  • Glass Beads: These are best for advanced crafters, offering a sophisticated look with their translucence and variety of colors.
    • Caution: Glass beads are more fragile and can be challenging due to their smaller size and create a choking hazard.

Perler Bead (Fuse Bead) Craft Project Ideas

Perler beads, also known as fuse beads, are small, plastic beads that are designed to be arranged on a pegboard to form patterns or designs for a fun craft. Once the perfect design is created, it is then fused together using heat. The beads are typically cylindrical with a small hole in the center, allowing them to be placed on the pegs of the pegboard with a patter to follow.

​Minecraft Perler Bead Moneybox

Check out this easy tutorial on how to make a Minecraft Moneybox made from Perler Beads. This is a bead craft probably for older Elementary age kids as it takes about 1-2 hours to make this Minecraft Perler Bead Craft.

​Minecraft Perler Bead Moneybox

Star Wars Perler Bead Lightsabers

Where are the Star Wars fans? If your kids loves these movies, check out this simple tutorial on how to make Star Wars perler bead lightsabers. You won’t be disappointed.

perler bead lightsabers

Perler Bead Flowers

These awesome Perler Bead Flowers are Perfect for Spring! This post includes 20 free Perler Bead flower templates to choose from.

perler bead flowers

Sprint and Easter Perler Bead patterns

If you are looking for a spring or Easter craft to do with your little one, look no further! This post includes 15 perler bead patterns for Easter or Spring for you to enjoy.

Spring and Easter perler bead patterns

Perler Bead Christmas Soap

This is not only a fun bead craft for kids, but it can also be used as a gift around the holidays. Check out how to make your own Perler Bead Christmas soap.

perler bead christmas soap

Perler Bead Placemats

What is cuter than your kids creating their own placemat? This is one of the simplest Perler bead crafts I’ve ever seen and is perfect for younger kids.

perler bead placemats

Perler Bead Nightlight

Can kids really create their own fun nightlight? Of course! Check out this cute tutorial on how to make your own perler bead nightlight.

Perler bead nightlight

Halloween Perler Bead Patterns

Looking for a fun and spooky Halloween perler bead pattern? Look no further than these awesome spooky fuse bead patterns.

Halloween perler beads

Snowman Perler bead pattern

Check out this fun Snowman Perler bead pattern that makes a great winter craft! Fuse beads are an awesome indoor activity for kids especially when it’s too cold to go outside.

Snowman perler bead pattern

How to Make Perler Bead Dice

Looking to make a fun and interactive Perler bead craft? Check out how to make this cute perler bead dice with a free printable template.

perler bead dice

Pony Bead Craft Projects

Pony beads are probably the most used type of bead for kids crafts. They are called “pony beads” because they were originally used for decorating leather items like pony tack, which refers to the equipment used on ponies and horses, such as bridles and harnesses. Pony beads come in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and sizes, though they are commonly about 6mm to 9mm in diameter.

How to Make a Beaded Cross with Pony Beads

Here at Crafting with Kids we’ve started creating our own pony bead projects! Check out how to make a beaded cross with colorful pony beads. This is a simple pony bead craft for younger kids too.

How to make a beaded cross

How to Make a Bead Lizard for Kids

Not only have we created a fun and simple cross, we’ve also created a fun bead lizard with pony beads to create your own little lizard friend. This pony bead craft is a little more involved and might be better for older kids.

how to make a bead lizard with pony beads

Easy Pony Bead Crown Craft for Kids

Check out this super easy pony bead crown craft for kids. This is the perfect bead craft for younger kids and even a great birthday party craft or a friendship bracelet especially for little girls.

pony bead crown craft

Jingle Bell Bracelets

Check out these cute jingle bell bracelets that are great to make around the holidays. This is a great bead craft for younger kids.

Jingle bell bracelets

4th Of July Beaded Patriotic Pin

This 4th of July beaded patriotic pin is a great and simple craft idea to do around Independence Day. With a few red, white and blue beads and some pipe cleaners or chenille stems, this is a great craft for younger kids.

Snowflake Melted Bead Ornament Craft for Kids

With this melted pony bead craft, you will use cookie cutters, pony beads and a baking pan. Watch your kids place pony beads in a cookie cutter and then bake them to create a beautiful snowflake melted bead ornament.

melted snowflake bead craft

Fill the Alphabet Toddler Activity

Grab lots of pony beads in different colors, a bin with a few scoops and create this fun scoop and pour alphabet sensory bin. This is a great way for toddlers to begin to learn their alphabet.

Easy Pipe Cleaner & Bead Snake Craft for Kids

A super easy bead craft for younger kids is to create these pipe cleaner bead snakes! All you need is a few pipe cleaners and a handful of pony beads.

pipe cleaner pony bead snake craft

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin

What a cute way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with this pony bead sensory bin and a heart shaped muffin pan.

Solar System Mobile Craft for Kids Using Pony Beads

Use beads that match the colors in the solar system to make pony bead patterns for each planet in the solar system. Place these patterns in a muffin pan and have an adult melt the beads and add a hole at the top and there you have it- a fun solar system suncatcher for your kids.

Wooden Bead Crafts

Wooden beads come in many different sizes, shapes, and finishes, and they can be used to create a wide range of craft projects for kids. Let me show you a few below.

DIY Wooden Bead Dolls

Watch as this tutorial shares how to use wooden beads and turn them into adorable little dolls. This is a perfect bead craft for younger kids.

DIY Colorful Wooden Beaded Keyrings

Learn how to make these cute and colorful key rings with wooden beads in 3 easy steps with only 2 supplies. This is an easy “take home” craft that can easily be given as a gift too.

Pinecone Angel Ornament for Kids

These rustic wooden bead ornaments allow for a fun outdoor activity and craft for your little one. By attaching a pinecone with a large wooden bead, you can easily create a lovely Pinecone Angel Ornament.

Sleeping Gumnut Babies

Learn how to use Gumnut’s and a large wooden bead to create these cute sleeping Gumnut babies.

Montessori Inspired Math Activity using Wooden Beads

For this fun and educational activity, learn how to use wooden beads in a few different ways to create a math activity. This post also comes with a free printable.

Glass Bead Craft Ideas

Glass beads are made by heating silica or sand along with other materials to a high temperature until it melts and can be shaped. Glass beads create a lot of craft ideas, but normally for older children as they are breakable.

Glass Bead Alphabet

Learn how to take a handful of glass beads and use glitter glue to write a letter on each! This is a great teaching activity for younger kids. Kids will love to learn with this glass bead alphabet activity.

Glass Beads on a Light Table

If you have a light table at home, grab some glass beads from the dollar store (or any big box store) and see a handful of ways to teach your kids using these fun beads.

Free Printable for Glass Bead Story Idea

If you love the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? you will love this simple glass bead craft. With this free printable, you can use these printed characters to create hands on glass beaded characters.

There you have it, loads of bead craft projects and ideas for your kids!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some simple bead project ideas suitable for younger kids?

For young children, start with basic stringing projects like making necklaces or bracelets with large beads. They can also make colorful patterns on pegboards to create keychains or fridge magnets.

How can you create animal figures from beads?

Using elastic cord or pipe cleaners, you can thread beads to form different animal figures. Begin with simpler designs like snakes or caterpillars and as skills improve, move onto more complex figures like lizards or turtles by following patterns.

What are the best pony bead crafts for kids?

Pony beads are great for making friendship bracelets, bead lizards, or beaded key chains. These beads are large and easy to handle, perfect for creating vibrant and chunky accessories.

Can you suggest any bead craft activities for kindergarteners?

Kindergarteners can enjoy lacing cards with colorful beads, or creating their own simple bead puzzles on pre-made templates.

How can kids make jewelry out of beads?

With a variety of beads and some elastic thread, kids can create their own bracelets, necklaces, and even rings. They can experiment with patterns and colors to make personalized jewelry pieces.

What bead crafts are safe and easy for children to do at home?

Stick to larger beads for home crafts, as they are safer for smaller children. Making beaded sun-catchers, bookmarks, or simple bead mosaics on sturdy cardboard are ideas that are great for kids.

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