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Harry Potter Crafts for Kids: Magical DIY Projects to Try!

Are you or your kids the ultimate Harry Potter fan? Harry Potter has become a household name over the past 10 years. It all started with Harry Potter books but soon evolved with the Harry Potter movies! The best thing about the series is that it’s loved by kids of all ages, and even adults! One way to engage your little witches and wizards in the “Potterverse” is by creating magical Harry Potter crafts. Let us guide you through some of the best craft ideas to keep your little ones occupied while stimulating their creativity and imagination. They are a fun way to bring the magical world of Harry Potter alive! 

From DIY wand making to creating their very own cute bookmarks, each fun activity is designed to be kid-friendly and easy to work on together as a family. You don’t need advanced magical skills to make these projects come to life – just some simple household items and a few creative ideas will do the trick.

harry potter crafts for kids

Getting Started with Harry Potter Crafts

If you’re looking for magical crafts to spend time with your kids, these Harry Potter craft ideas are a great way to do that. In this section, you’ll find a materials list and some age-appropriate project ideas to get you started. 

Materials List

Gather the following essential supplies:

  • Paper: construction paper, cardstock, or plain printer paper
  • Scissors: safety scissors for younger children
  • Glue: a glue stick or white craft glue
  • Colored pencils, markers, or crayons: for adding a pop of color to your creations
  • Craft supplies: pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pom-poms, and anything else you can find around the house
  • Printables: search online for Harry Potter-themed templates or to trace
  • Acrylic paint: Great for older kids who would prefer to paint then use markers or crayons

Age-Appropriate Projects

Here are a few project ideas that cater to different age groups: 

  1. Ages 3-5: Make a simple sorting hat using construction paper. Cut out a big circle for the brim and a cone for the top. Attach them together and decorate with crayons or markers. 
  2. Ages 6-8: Craft a magical wand from a wooden dowel or stick. Let your kids paint and decorate their wands with items like ribbon, buttons, or beads.
  3. Ages 9-12: Assemble a Hogwarts house banner. Provide each child with a large piece of paper, and have them design their own house crest using colored pencils, markers or other craft supplies. Once complete, attach a string or dowel to the banner to hang it up.

Harry Potter Crafts for Kids

DIY Harry Potter Bookmarks with free printables

What’s better than having your very own Harry Potter bookmark while reading the fun series! Check out this post where you can print your own.

DIY Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Everyone loves the sorting hat right? Kids love the excitement of placing it on their heads and learning which House they will belong to. What if you could make your own sorting hat? There are a handful of ways to create the hat like with polymer clay, but I think the easiest way is by using a plain paper mâché witch hat and transforming it into a sorting hat. See all the instructions on how to create your own Sorting hat here with this tutorial by Practically Functional. 

DIY Harry Potter Wands 

Creating a magic wand is a fun and simple activity that allows kids to choose their favorite materials and personalize their wands. These DIY wands are simple to create and fun to play with. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Find a suitable base for your wand, such as a wooden dowel, chopstick, or even a sturdy twig from your backyard.
  2. Add texture to your wand with hot glue, creating patterns such as swirls or ridges. Make sure an adult supervises this step.
  3. Decorate your wand using paintglitter, or ribbon. You can use a single color, or mix different shades to bring the magic alive!

Check out this awesome light up Harry Potter wand tutorial. This easy DIY Harry Potter wand is one of the few wand tutorials I’ve seen that actually lights up and the perfect way to create a functional craft. 

Tip: Encourage kids to think of their wand’s story or magical properties while creating it.

Potion Bottle Crafts

One of my favorite Harry Potter crafts is creating captivating magical potions! Check out this one. You will need:

  • Empty glass or plastic bottles
  • Food coloring
  • Cooking oil or baby oil
  • Glitter
  • Water
  • Labels or stickers

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Fill each bottle halfway with water.
  2. Add a few drops of food coloring to the water, mixing it well.
  3. Pour in some cooking oil or baby oil, filling the bottle. Observe how the oil and water don’t mix!
  4. Sprinkle glitter for that extra sparkle.
  5. Seal the bottle with a cork or lid, then add labels or stickers.

Tip: Use leftover potion bottles as decorations or props for your next Harry Potter party!

Also check out a few fun experiments with engaging and magical Harry Potter potions. These potions are great for a birthday party activity or even just a fun activity at home. 

When it comes to Harry Potter crafts for kids, it’s essential to show some Hogwarts House pride. 

House Banners

Every Hogwarts student is proud of their house, and what better way to showcase that pride than with a banner. This DIY harry potter craft is perfect for young witches and wizards to add a magical touch to their room.

Materials needed:

  • Felt (in hogwarts house colors)
  • Scissors
  • Glue or hot glue gun
  • Ribbon (for hanging)
  • Cardstock (optional)
  • Markers (optional)


  1. Start by cutting out a large triangle from felt in the appropriate house color (Gryffindor – red, Slytherin – green, Hufflepuff – yellow, Ravenclaw – blue).
  2. Next, cut out the house emblem (lion, snake, badger, or eagle) from another piece of felt in a contrasting house color.
  3. Glue the emblem in the center of the triangle, and let it dry.
  4. Cut a length of ribbon and attach it to the top of the banner, either by gluing or tying it. Now your House Banner is ready to be hung!

If you prefer to use a Harry Potter House free printable banner, check this post out! 

Time-Turner Necklaces

Time-Turner Necklaces are perfect for young Harry Potter fans who want to feel like they can travel back in time! To create these magical necklaces, follow these simple steps:

  1. Gather materials: You will need:
    • Two clear plastic circles (such as clear buttons or clear plastic discs)
    • Thin gold wire or gold string
    • Small gold beads
    • Gold-colored chain and clasp
  2. Assemble the necklace: Use the gold wire or string to connect the two plastic circles, forming the Time-Turner’s spinning mechanism. Add small gold beads as magical embellishments.
  3. Add the chain: Attach the gold-colored chain and clasp to your Time-Turner creation.

A Time-Turner Necklace makes a great gift for a Harry Potter-loving friend or a fun, homemade accessory to wear to Harry Potter-themed events! Check out this fun Time Turner Necklace tutorial from the blog 30 Minute Crafts. 

Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs

Is Luna Lovegood one of your favorite characters? Check out Luna Lovegood’s quirky Spectrespecs are another fun accessory to recreate for kids. Here’s how to make your own pair:

  1. Gather materials: You will need:
    • A pair of plain sunglasses with round lenses
    • Cardstock or thin cardboard (assorted colors)
    • Scissors, glue, and a pencil
    • Optional: glitter or other decorations
  2. Create the Spectrespecs frame: Trace your sunglasses onto the cardstock or thin cardboard and cut out the shape to create a new, colorful frame. Glue it onto the original frame.
  3. Add details: Cut out lightning bolt shapes, spirals, or any other quirky designs from the cardstock to add to the frames. Add a touch of magic with glitter or other decorations!
  4. Final touches: Let the glue and decorations dry completely before wearing your new Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs!

These enchanting accessories are perfect for dress-up parties, wizarding events, or simply showing off your love of all things Harry Potter!

If you looking for a more advanced Spectrespecs tutorial using resin, check out this fun one from Artsy Fartsy Mama. 

Harry Potter Patronus Christmas Ornaments

For some reason our family loves watching the Harry Potter series around the holidays. What’s better than having a Harry Potter movie night while creating an easy Harry Potter craft. Check out this tutorial on how to create Patronus Christmas Ornaments

I hope we’ve given you a few ideas with these awesome Harry Potter crafts. 

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