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15 Easy and Fun Sun Crafts for Preschool

Simple and fun sun crafts are perfect for preschoolers to enjoy while learning about the sun and its significance. They help young children learn about the summer solstice while working on their fine motor skills and creating fun crafts. They are a fun way to teach kids about the solar system while creating a fun summer craft. 

We’ve shared a handful of easy sun crafts for preschool with simple materials like yellow paint, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, yellow construction paper etc. I can’t wait to share all about the sun!

Sun crafts for Preschool

Sun crafts for preschool 

15 Sun Crafts for Preschool

See 15 awesome sun crafts for preschool aged kids. All of these fun summer crafts are great for developing fine motor skills and teaching your kids more about the sun.

I hope you’ve found a few activities that will work for your preschooler. If you are looking for another cute Summer craft, check out our Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft with Butterfly Chromatography or a handful of Bee Crafts for Preschool.

As always, happy crafting!