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Easy Heart Crafts for Sunday School

Heart crafts for Sunday school are creative activities that can be used to teach children about love, compassion, and biblical principles related to the heart. These fun crafts are often used around Valentine’s Day or during lessons focusing on God’s love, the Great Commandment, or stories like the Good Samaritan. Most of these crafts only require a few simple craft supplies. 

Here are a few quick and easy heart bible crafts that can be incorporated into bible lessons or Valentine’s Day Sunday school lesson plans.

heart crafts for sunday school

Heart Crafts for Sunday School

  • Paper Heart Chains: Children can cut strips of colored paper and link them together to form chains. On each link, they can write a Bible verse about love or things they are thankful for.
paper heart chain
  • Heart Wreath: Using a paper plate, children can glue or tape multiple cut-out hearts around the edge to create a wreath. They can decorate with a red heart, pink heart, white heart or whatever color they choose with messages of love or references to scripture.
heart wreath
  • Love Rocks: Kids can paint hearts or write messages on small rocks. They can even add their little thumbprints to these cute rocks. These can serve as reminders of God’s love or can be given to others as a token of kindness.
love rocks
  • Cross and Heart Craft: Create a craft that includes both a cross and a heart to symbolize the love of Jesus. This craft uses construction paper and comes with a printable template too. 
cross and heart craft
  • Bookmark Love: Children can make these heart-shaped wooden bookmarks to remember their place in their Bibles. They can decorate them with this fun marbling technique to make them really special. 
heart bookmark
  • Heart Puppets: Using craft sticks, children can create heart-shaped puppets on sticks. They can use these puppets to act out biblical stories that illustrate love and compassion.
bookmark heart
  • Heart Collage: Provide an assortment of materials such as fabric scraps, ribbon, buttons, and beads or whatever you want! Children can glue these items onto a heart-shaped piece of cardboard or heavy paper to create a textured collage to make beautiful heart collage Valentine’s day cards. 
heart collage
  • Love Coupons: Children can use these free digital download ‘love coupons’ that they can give to family members. Each coupon can be redeemed for something loving, like a hug, a chore, or a kind deed.
love coupons
  • Beaded Heart craft: With pipe cleaners and beads, children can thread beads onto the pipe cleaners, shaping them into hearts. These can be hung up as decorations or given as gifts.
beaded hearts
  • Fingerprint Heart Art: Have the children dip their fingers in paint and press them onto paper in patterns that create heart shapes. This can be a fun way to engage the younger kids in a children’s ministry. 
fingerprint hearts

I hope you’ve found one of these easy Christian Valentine’s day crafts useful, especially for Sunday School class! These are a great way to engage younger children in bible stories that revolve around the heart and are perfect for Valentines day.