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Farm Animal Books for Preschool: Top Picks for Early Learning

One of the first songs I remember singing in preschool is “Old Macdonald had a farm,” right? Books with different animals are a staple in a preschool room. From board books to pictures books, I’ve included a handful of my favorite books with this farm book list from Amazon. Check out some awesome farm animal books for preschool below.

farm animal books for preschoolers

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Top Farm Animal Books for Preschoolers

We’ve searched Amazon for farm animal books that are perfect for preschool-aged children. These books are not only engaging and colorful but also educational with valuable lessons about animals, life on the farm, and the importance of caring for our furry friends. Here are a few of my favorite farm stories: 

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Nat Geo Farm Animals

Even though this might not be the “go to farm animal book” you think of when you think of reading to preschoolers, this book captivates the minds of young readers through vivid photography and age-appropriate text. If you are looking for realistic picture books, this is a great non fiction book that educates young minds about animals with real life images. It’s full of interesting facts about all sorts of farm animals. 


  • Filled with high-quality, realistic photos
  • Age-appropriate, educational content for young readers
  • Part of a well-received series by National Geographic


  • Might be too advanced for very early readers
  • Limited number of pages
  • Physical size may be smaller than expected

It’s specifically crafted for preschoolers, with the right balance of fun facts and simple narratives that captivate children’s attention. 

Counting Animals on the Farm

Preschoolers will find joy and education as this book introduces them to numbers with this engaging farm-themed counting book. This is a sweet story that is also educational. 


  • The book effectively combines learning to count with farm animal recognition.
  • Engaging rhymes make counting entertaining and memorable for young readers.
  • High-quality, colorful illustrations keep children interested and help in visual learning.


  • Some educators find the sequencing of numbers to be confusing for children.
  • A limited page count may not offer extensive counting practice.
  • A physical copy might be less durable for handling by younger preschoolers.

Children love animals, and “Counting Animals on the Farm” takes this interest to develop their counting skills. The book’s rhyming nature and simple text supports memory retention and makes reading aloud a pleasure.

For parents and teachers looking for a fun way to introduce counting, this is a great book worth considering.

Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm

Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm is a great pick for preschoolers building early reading habits thanks to its engaging rhyme and storyline. With it’s big red barn, funny farm life adventures and cute storyline, this is a silly story and a kids favorite for sure. It’s also a great read aloud book for a class. 


  • Engaging rhyming pattern promotes phonetic awareness.
  • Vivid illustrations capture young readers’ attention.
  • Simple plot perfect for preschool comprehension.


  • Story may become repetitive after multiple readings.
  • Some adults find the book less enjoyable to read aloud.
  • Limited appeal for kids outside the 2-4 age range.

Detailed Illustrations in a children’s book can make or break a child’s interest. Fortunately, this book comes alive with its vibrant and lively artwork.  This feature is a great tool for visual learning and helps in building a child’s vocabulary.

Ten Little Farm Friends

One of the best features of this book is watching the die-cut farm animals decrease from 10 to 1 with each turn of the page. This makes the book a lot more interactive and engaging and is a great way to entertain young children while also helping them learn to count. This is definitely a cute story and a sweet book. 


  • Engages young readers with its counting theme
  • Vibrant illustrations capture children’s attention
  • Durable paperback format withstands frequent use


  • Limited page count may leave readers wanting more
  • A simplistic story that might not challenge advanced preschoolers
  • The book’s binding may not endure rough handling

Ten Little Farm Friends invites little ones into a playful world where they can practice counting with adorable farm animals. 

Down on the Farm

Down on the Farm is a charming book that could quickly become a nighttime favorite for the little ones in your life. It comes as a hardcover, paperback or board book, which gives you some options for your little ones. 


  • Introduces farm animals and their sounds in a playful, rhythmic way
  • Engaging illustrations to captivate a preschooler’s attention
  • Sturdy build, suitable for hands that are just learning to turn pages


  • Some reports of binding issues in the larger size book
  • A limited scope of vocabulary, focusing mainly on farm animals
  • May not be as engaging for children over the preschool age

The appeal of “Down on the Farm” lies in its simple and rhythmic phrasing, which makes it ideal for the younger kids. Preschoolers are at a stage where repetition and catchy tunes help with language development, and this book taps effectively into that.

Farm Animals Board Book

If you are looking for a small, classic board book that is great for toddlers, this is it! Even thought it was originally written years ago, it’s realistic imagery and portable design, are still ideal for preschool learning. It is worth noting that is it smaller than the palm of your hand, so it’s the perfect hands on book for young kids. With it’s bright colors and small size, it’s a wonderful book for up to preschool aged kids. 


  • Features realistic animal photographs
  • Durable board book format
  • Perfectly sized for little hands


  • Smaller than expected for some
  • Not as robust to withstand heavy chewing
  • Limited content due to its size

While some parents were surprised by the book’s petite stature, the size proves perfect for preschoolers’ small hands. The downside is the amount of content that can fit into such a small space, making for a quicker read with less extensive educational material. This book works well as an introduction to farm animals, but for a deeper dive, you might want to look for something with more pages and information.

The Little Red Hen

This book is another classic kids book that teaches a few life lessons while still entertaining young minds. This story is meant to teach children about hard work and dedication. It has been remade countless times and is available mainly as a hardcover book today. 


  • Precious classic book that shares good values
  • Timeless message that is geared towards preschool children
  • Easy to follow story line and great illustrations


  • Some could say the story is outdated
  • Some children might find the story a little boring and not as interactive as modern books

We hope you’ve found a few of these books appealing to your preschooler. Don’t forget to check your local library for some of these good books. Local libraries are a great resource for young children educational activities too! It’s never too early to cultivate the love of books.