Kid Created Paper Ornament Banner

Teach your kids to create their own easy paper ornament banner with just a few supplies. This is a great craft for younger kids and for any holiday too.

I love creating crafts with my little ones. Sometimes the best crafts aren’t the prettiest ones, but the ones that your kids create all by themselves. As a matter of fact, sometimes the proudest kid moments come from when they create something 100% on their own. Isn’t that how we learn and grow anyway? Learn how your kids can create their own easy paper ornament banner with just a few materials.

Kid Created Paper Ornament Banner

Like I said, this isn’t the prettiest craft you’ll see. This probably won’t be a viral Pinterest post or anything super popular. That being said, if it’s from YOUR kids it will mean the world. This post isn’t about pretty pictures, but my attempt to share an easy craft that younger children can do (mostly) on their own.

I’ve decided to create a new category over on our YouTube channel; Kids Create!

The idea behind this category is self explanatory; to share crafts that are done mostly by kids. To be fairly honest, it seems that YouTube is being overtaken by kids sharing toys and games. I thought, why not share my kids creating their own crafts, right?

Getting back to the topic of creating your own paper banner, you can even create a fun themed ornament banner for any holiday.

This would make a great Christmas banner or even a birthday banner!

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Supplies to create your own Paper Ornament Banner:

This is a great craft idea for pre school aged children because it doesn’t require a lot of intricate detailed skills.

Let me share a quick video on how to create your own paper ornament banner!

How to create your own easy paper banner

  1. Either cut out shapes for the ornaments before hand or have the child cut them
  2. Use the hole punch to punch a small hole in the top (you can also use scissors to create this)
  3. Decorate it as you wish
  4. String the paper ornament through the ribbon or string
  5. Hang your paper banner and enjoy!

Easy peasy right?

Like I said in the video, sometimes the prettiest art is what’s made from the heart.

Let me show you Emerie’s simple ornament banner.

Kid Created Paper Ornament Banner

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple idea on how to teach your kids to create something all by themselves.

Kid Created Paper Ornament Banner

Happy Crafting friends!

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